Monday, 11 August 2014

#BEDA Your 5 favourite movies.

I had so many that I wanted to include however I choice to share the first five that came to mind. It's quite a random selection I like a huge range of different movies.
Love Actually

This is my favourite film when I'm feeling low. I just love it. Although it's more of a Christmassy film it doesn't matter to me. It is permanently on my Sky box and I watch it any time. I still think Hugh Grant should be PM!

Trading Places

I remember my Dad watching this is when I was in my early teens and I thought it was so funny. I love Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd and I love that they get pay back the rich Dukes. Again another film I could watch over and over!

Now You See Me

I watched this with Benjy when it first came out and I've loved it from the moment it started. I love watching magic shows and even went and saw Derren Brown a few years back. I loved all the twists and turns this film has and I could watch it a million times. I would recommend it to everyone. This also has the added bonus of Morgan Freeman and Michael Crane! (I may have strange old man crushes on these too) Heck I even named my eldest Morgan.

Catch Me If You Can

This is the first film I started liking Leonardo DiCaprio I didn't think he was that good looking in Titantic but this film is just great. Also a big fan of Tom Hanks so it was the perfect duo. I love that it is based on a true story and so amazed that someone could get away with what he did.

Sound of Music.

I was crazy about this film when I was a child and watched it so much I wore out two video tapes! I didn't understand all the war back in those days I just loved how they were a family that sang all together. These days I can appreciate the film on different levels and I think Julie Andrews is my biggest hero! I would love to visit Austria and go on the Sound of music tour!

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  1. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are gems! Even though I don't have the old man crush you're talking about lol, I could listen to either of them read anything. I'd even settle for the back of the shampoo bottle!

  2. YES! Love Actually is so good...I forgot that but would definitely include that on my list. It's one I can watch over and over.

  3. Love your list - Love Actually is a great film. Haven't seen Catch Me If You Can but loved the book and The Sound Of Music is definitely one of my favourites too

  4. I loved Catch Me if you Can...such a good film! x

  5. The only one of those I haven't seen is 'catch me if you can' and your write up of it has left me wondering what he got away with! need to watch it me thinks.

  6. These are great films I have seen them all exact now you see me.