#BEDA If you won the lottery.

I think the very first thing I would do if I won the lottery would be rather boring to most. I would go and buy a flash car or tonnes of jewellery. I would clear all our debts! It would be amazing not having them hanging over our heads and I think it would be the best feeling in the world getting rid of them.

Secondly I’d buy our forever home. Living in rentals can be hard. We are often worried about how long it will actually be called our home. Our landlord has said quite often that he wants to put it on the market and in a strange way it is like having bomb waiting to go off. I hate moving and I feel like it is looming over our heads. I’d love nothing more than to have our very own place and all the security it brings.

As much as dreaming about winning the lottery is great I know real life isn’t like that and we’re working our way to a more secure future ourselves but in the spirit of #BEDA I did a little browsing on Rightmove and picked this pretty house!

 And I guess if I did win the lottery I would buy a nice car to sit on that drive…
Okay so it’s hardly a sports car with soft top but as a family of 6 this is fancy!

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