Project 365, Week 2

5th of January 2014

Sunday was a nice relaxed day, I spent most of the day playing with the kids. Their favourite game was building blocks for Abby to bash.

6th of January

My poor Abby really wasn’t feeling herself and was super clingy all day. When Daddy arrived home she sat snuggled to him till bed time. Luckily it was a very short lived illness and was back to her normal happy self the day other. 

7th of January

 Morgan was back at school today, so I made the most of just having Abby and the twins. Ewan and Rhys wanted to blow bubbles so we wrapped up warm and headed out.

8th of January

This was a kid free day! Morgan was at school, the twins were at nursery and Abby was with my Mum. I used the day to write my assignment and I handed it in 2 days early!

9th of January 

Like I’ve already blogged about Morgan lost another tooth! I just love this picture I snapped of him.

 10th of January

We headed to Nanny’s for the afternoon and the kids had loads of fun playing with their pets. They are all laughing at my sisters rabbit running around the kitchen. I really wish I could get them a pet, however we rent and the Landlord doesn’t allow them.

11th of January

Yay it’s Saturday. I miss this crazy fool when he’s at work! We’ve spent the day chilling as a family. It’s been lovely to relax.

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