Monday, 21 April 2014

The magic between twins...

Being a Mummy of twins is truly a privilege. Watching the boys interact with each other sometimes feels like I'm invading their special bond. Their bond is so much stronger than all of my other children. They love their brother and sister so much but Ewan and Rhys need each other. 

When they were babies they found comfort with each other, they would always sleep more soundly if they were close. When they got that little bit bigger they would follow each other everywhere. They get their confidence from each other. I love watching them explore a new area. Hand in hand guiding and protecting each other along the way.

For as many ways that they are the same there is just as many ways that they are different. Ewan is stubborn and strong willed. He is normally the leader when it comes to trying new things. Rhys is a softy and is always there for a cuddle. His giggle is infectious and once he starts Ewan's laughter follows.

They are each others best friend and watching them play is heart warming. There is nothing that they can't do for each other. I always thought they would have problems sharing however we have never really had much trouble with this.

I could spend my life watching these two and they would forever amaze with how beautiful their bond is.

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Sunday Photo

A little late but the day has been spent with family.

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Rand Farm!

Easter holiday just aren't right if you don't visit a farm. The lovely little lambs and piglets are enough to make anyone "awww".

Wednesday to get our fill of cuteness we headed to Rand Farm. The boys have been a few times before however this was Abby's first time. Their Uncle was paying as his treat to them for Easter, but at £37.50 for a family of five ticket (Abby was free) it's really great value.

We headed off fairly early and arrived at 11.30. The first thing you walk into is the soft play area, there was no chance we were getting the boys to go and see the animals first so we had a good hour playing in their. They had so much much and Abby loved the freedom she had in the under 4's section. It was fairly quiet in the play area and the boys had plenty of the areas to themselves.

After a while I could see the boys lagging so we headed out to see some animal. We first met some cows which were pretty big, these didn't go down to well with the twins who were a little intimidated by them. We found some adorable little piglets who we could have watched for hours. Ewan and Rhys wanted to bring one home and when I pointed out that they would grow into the size their Mummy pig was they were a little put off thankfully! The piglets we quite popular so we moved on.

With so many little out houses full of different animals another hour passed quickly. The boys loved stroking the donkey's they were so friendly and even a very nervous Ewan had a pet of him.

One of the highlights for the boys was the tractor ride. It was a little wait until our turn but the motorised bikes were placed well which kept the boys busy until we moved down the line. It was a lovely little ride around the field showing us more sheep with their lambs.

We were all feeling rather hungry at this point and headed into the cafe for some lunch. I was expecting it to be really busy but it was lovely and quiet as most choose to eat their food in the play area. The food prices were good and the children loved picking what would be in their little box. I ended up with a jacket potato again a good price however I hardly got to eat much as little boys who love potato helped themselves! Must remember to just get us all spuds next time!

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the large outdoor play area. With so many things to do the boys were in heaven. Their favourite was the swing and I managed to get the most adorable picture of them all together.

Abby loved the freedom again as I let her have a crawl around the grass. She loved the little wendy houses too. She spent ages giggle in the window because she could see me. 

Before home time we had one last play in the soft play area again then packed the kids in the car. 

I think you can always tell how good a day out is by the noise level on the way home. All four children slept all the 30 minutes home....
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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Dream Holiday*

When I was little I remember my Grandma coming back from a cruise and showing us her amazing photos, ever since then I've always wanted to go on one. She went for a beautiful cruise to see the northern lights as it had been one of her dreams, she was so pleased and amazed at how beautiful it was.

On Fred Olsen, the Cruise deals in 2014 are amazing value. With so many choices of location there is sure to be something for everyone.

I love boats, my first holiday aboard was my first experience of a ferry, sure it's no where near as grand as a ship. But I loved how it was like a little town all neatly packed together. I loved going up on deck and watching the water, there was something very calming about it.

 Ben and I have always said for our honeymoon we're going to have a cruise around Europe. Nothing says romance like Europe and if I'm getting a holiday away from the children I want some relaxing as well as seeing the sights. Italy would be my ideal location. There is so much history and culture to see and how amazing would it be visiting Venice. Fred Olsen even offer the perfect tour which stops in Spain, Croatia, Greece, Gibraltar, Italy, and Malta. So many amazing places to get a taste of.


Cruises are perfect for those who want to travel the world. With so many stops at so many amazing places it's a great way to view so much in a shorter time. When retired, I can see when Ben and I being the couple that go cruising. I already have such a long list of places I want to see. It would be lovely spending a day sight seeing then heading back to the ship for cocktails in the evening!

Where is your dream destination?

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*This post contains a sponsored link however all words are my own

Life lately

I'm sorry I've been a little MIA lately. Last Friday I had surgery to have my very compacted wisdom teeth removed. In total I had 6 teeth removed and my mouth and whole face have been in terrible pain since. My bottom wisdom teeth had come in completely sidewards meaning they were growing into the teeth in front. They they had to go with the wisdom teeth and they weren't any good anymore anyway because the wisdom teeth had completely crushed their roots. It's been a week of tasteless soup and mash potato. I'm finally getting to a point where I am able to open my mouth more as the swelling is finally going down. So I'm starting to eat a little more. Even though I've been in a lot of pain from the removal the pain is still so much better than the pain the pressure the wisdom teeth used to cause. The head aches have already also disappeared so really it's great. I can't wait to be able to eat steak again! 

I've spent most of my week at my mums, the kiddies love it at Nannys and it's almost meant I've been able to heal nicely because like most Mums she takes over. What would we do without our Mums! Morgan is on a strict no trampoline ban while we are there, last thing we need is him hurting his arm more! I've seen him try and sneak on still! 

I did have so much planned this holiday however health is hasn't been permitting. We did get a lovely day out yesterday though! My brother likes to take the children out rather than buy Easter eggs that don't get eaten. So this year we headed for a day at Rand farm. I'm going to post all about it in the next few days as it was an amazing day and I have so many lovely photos to share! 

Today we heading to Nannys again however it's for a fun Easter Egg hunt. I do this every year for my kids and my nephews however they are going on holiday with their Grandparents this weekend so this is the last chance to be able to do it. 

Abby has been getting better at walking, she'll walking a couple of steps between things without holding on but she hasn't dared try anything longer. She has a new favourite thing to do which is to spin around on her bum. She isn't very fast but she'll just go around for ages. 

Those who have children starting school in September will have known we were able to collect their school places yesterday. I'm really pleased that Ewan and Rhys got their first choice which is probably because they have a sibling at the school. I kinda already knew they had it as the head had shown them around when we were there for Morgans parents evening but it's nice to have it in writing. I can't believe come September I'll have 3 in school, I'm going to miss them so much! We are hardly ever away from each other. I feel sad that they are growing so fast! I think they'll love it though! 

Anyway I have so much to prepare for today so I'll leave it there for today. 

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Places to visit in Lincolnshire for Children! #01 Seaside Towns/villages

After living in a little town called Louth for nearly 14 years now, I've come to know the area pretty well. Especially when it comes to activities for children.

We're very lucky to have a huge range of activities from petting farms to beaches, so this will be a start of a little series here on the blog. Today I'm going to start with my favourite Lincolnshire seaside towns/villages.

First to get a mention has to be one of the best known for our area. Skegness. This is one of the busiest seaside towns in high season, but it is also one with the most going on. Skegness is perfect for all ages even adults with plenty of nightlife. It also has a lovely beach and pier with plenty of arcades to keep you busy.

Just last summer we spent the day enjoying everything Skegness had to offer. We started off with going to The Pier. It's also where we spent a lot of time when we headed there for Ben's birthday in March. This is one of the best arcades around with bowling and laser tag all in one place.

We also spent a few hours on the beach building sand castles. There is also a lovely little beach train which is perfect if you have train obsessed boys like me. There is also mini golf, and a soft play area all close to the sea front.

Billy Butlins opened the first holiday camp in Skegness back in 1936 and still to this day Butlins is going strong. I grew up going on holiday to Butlins and it is by far some of the happiest holiday memories I have. I've also started taking the children as I want them to have the same memories I have.

Another fairly busy seaside town is Cleethorpes. I love Cleethorpes, it's smaller than Skegness but has a lovely little beach where you can sit back watching the boats heading into port at Grimsby. There is also a small selection of arcades. This is one of my favourite places to take the children because there is everything you need for a great day at the beach all nicely tucked together.

Another of my favourite places in Cleethorpes is the miniature railway. It is perfect for a little ride with the children. The journey takes you through a little park where you can also play in the sandpit near the boating lake.

If the tide is out and you don't want to walk a mile for a paddle in the sea you can always have a paddle in the padding pool that is located in the same park as the sandpit and boating lake.

If you are looking for something for older children Pleasure Island is great with a range of rides.
Next we have Mablethorpe, this is a seaside town that time forgot. My favourite part of Mablethorpe has got to be their paddling pool. This is a big hit with the children and there has been days that have been spent the entire time splashing in the pool. I'll worn you though, it's best to get there early as it gets pretty busy on hot days!

If you are looking for just a nice beach to get away to without the craziness of everything else that normally comes with it, then I'll share my secret beach with you. Okay, okay it's not a secret cos heck it still gets pretty busy but the little beach at Anderby Creek is just perfect. With just one quiet little shop near the beach it's the perfect place to get away and soak up the sun.

Lastly if you are ever in Lincolnshire off season around November time then a trip to Donna Nook should be first on the list. This is the time of year that Mummy seals come to the beach the have their pups and they are adorable! There is a fenced off walk way so you don't get too close to the seals but you get a good view and my boys have loved it every year!

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