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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Life Lately *Spoiler Alert I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!!!*

Sorry I haven't been updating the last few days. This last week has been one of the most stressful and completely awesome at the same time!

Monday was a child free day for myself. The boys all headed to work and school and Abby headed to my Mum's. My uni course is starting up again so I've been trying to get a big of a head start just like I did last year. With four little ones it's always best to be super prepared in case illness invades the household. The last thing I need is to fall behind! I managed to get a big of reading done but mostly it was organising and sorting paper work.

Tuesday and Wednesday I spent both of these days at my Mum's. I felt like I needed my mind occupying. For those who didn't know, I had my driving test on Thursday and by the time Tuesday rolled around I was a nervous wreck. So bad in fact I thought I would fail for sure just from the nerves. Wednesday I had a lesson with Pete my instructor that really helped my nerves. He was just so reassuring and a great teacher, I felt completely ready.

Thursday came and the nerves seemed to wash away a little. I was excited! I had to wait until 1:30pm to be picked up by Pete for an hours lesson and then my test was at 2:27. It felt like forever to wait. I put Abby down for a nap at 10am and tried to nap with her just to waste some time but that wasn't going to happen. My mind was too busy with everything!

When Pete picked me up, he had found out who the two examiners were for the day. "Jolly Jim and No Pass Paul" Oh great! So we did the lesson and covered all the bases, it went so smoothly. We arrived at the test center early just so we could go over a couple of the questions like how to fill the car with oil etc. The test centre is actually up at our leisure centre so it was quite strange heading into the reception without a tonne of swim bags and excited children. Pete and I went and sat at the reserved table where a lad and his instructor was sat. This poor guy looked green and I thought I was looking bad!

A blonde haired man in his high-visibility jacket came around the corner and Pete said oh here's Jim! So there I am smiling like a crazy person at him thinking I had the friendly instructor, that was until he headed straight for the green looking guy. Pete laughed and was like, right you'll have Paul and all of a sudden I have Pete blabbering these horrible roads Paul likes to take you down and remember how to do this and that correctly.

A dark hair guy came round the corner then and he didn't look anywhere near as the 4 headed monster Pete had made him out to be. I left Pete at the centre and we walked out to the car. I answered the question he asked and then we were off. For the first 20 minutes of the test he hugged his clip board so I had a pretty good feeling it was going well. He did seem mardy only ever saying minimum instructions, but I think I liked it that way. Small talk could have been distracting! Until I stalled at a junction! I had NEVER stalled Pete's car before apart from when he made me stall just so I knew how to correct it! (Thanks Pete!) The clip board came down and I could tell he was marking something. I spent the next 10 minutes going over and over, "is stall a major or a minor?" Then before I knew it we were back at the centre. I'll be honest I can't believe how quickly it went! Pete was stood waiting for me and before No pass Paul could tell him how I'd done. I saw Pete bend down and mutter, brilliant just two minors! Paul then turned to Pete and was like "Shh I ain't told her yet" so by this point I had a huge smile on my face.

I then got the "I'm pleased to tell you Miss Squires you have passed"! EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK

I can't explain how over the moon I am!

Since then I haven't stopped driving! I did my first school run Friday and it felt amazing not having to rely on my Mum or brother!

Then today I tackled my first time in a bigger town as we headed to Grimsby so Ben could take his theory test (which BTW he passed!) It's not going to be long until he's driving everywhere! I guess we'll be fighting over who's driving when he does pass.

We treated the kids to pancakes at McDonalds before heading home. I love freedom!!!

The rest of the day isn't even note worthy but cleaning but it's been a great week!   

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

10 things my children have taught me.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't count my lucky stars for the four amazing children I have. I love being a mummy and also I love the person they shape me to be. I want to be the best I can for them and every day they teach me something new. I've shared the ten things I think they have taught me the most, although I'm sure there are hundreds!

Be Yourself
For years I kept my mouth shut over certain things because I wanted to be liked. I wasn't me at all. Morgan has turned into a very confident child and watching him be who he is makes me realise how silly and weak I was at times. It doesn't matter to him if he doesn't like the same things as his friends, he shares his interests but he doesn't feel like he needs to be the same as them. Silly that it took me all these years to figure this one out!

Forgive and Forget
Life is too short to stay angry. Just the other day Ewan and Rhys had a fight which ended in them telling the other they weren't each others friend any more. 30 seconds later they were cuddled up watching telly together again. There has been things in the past that have upset me and rather continue to hold on to them feelings I should just let go. Yeah sure I'm not talking about having a little fight over a DS game like Ewan and Rhys but still the same principles apply.

Speak Up!
I've always been a more quiet, shy kind of person, but I constantly get asked questions from the boys, and of course they should ask, they are curious little beans. Their need to ask questions have in fact made me question why I keep so quiet! There are always things I want to know more about but I'm too scared to ask what I think is a silly question but surely no question is too silly if you don't know the answer!

Love Everyone
It doesn't matter if the children met someone 5 years ago or 2 minutes ago. They treat them all the same. Just a few weeks ago while at the local play area a little girl fell over and hurt herself, Morgan helped walk her over to her Mum and the way he cared for her melted my heart.

I think as a community we keep to ourselves these days. I love watching documentaries of time after or during the war and they would have these amazing street partys and would care for each other. I like to think if I saw someone in need I would be there to help in a heart beat just like I know my boys would be.

You can always count on your family.
On days that I'm ill I know I can always count on my family to brighten the day. The children sense I'm not my normal self and more times then not I'd get a cuddle off each of them. There is no greater love than the love between a family. The children show this to me everyday.

I'm the most beautiful person in the world (to them)
It doesn't matter if I have no makeup on or even if I haven't brushed my hair that day. I am beautiful and it doesn't matter what society thinks. To my children I am the prettiest person to live, and I know because, well they have told me so. They have taught me that I don't need to buy the most expensive clothes or pile on a ton of make up to cover my spots. Just being me is perfect for them.

Man up!
This is more something I've learnt from having children and the want to protect them. Like if bills are coming out of my ears It really doesn't matter, it's just time to man up! They don't need to know anything like that. Children should never stress, we have enough of it when we grow up!

It's good to dream big
Just ask any child what they would like to be when they are older and it'll be something us adults might put out of reach. Morgan currently wants to be an astronaut and why the heck not! For years I wanted to be a teacher but I honestly didn't know whether I could do it but if I can dream it, I can do it! All you need is a little self belief and here I am in my second year of uni working towards my goal. 

Laughter is the best medicine
Really this one explains itself. When the boys hurt themselves and I'm trying to stop them crying or take their mind off of something all I have to do is be silly. This applies to most things in life. A little happy distraction can help in most situations!

Cherish every moment.
This they have taught me by just growing so fast. No day is a waste because even if I'm having a crappy day they are still growing. Time is one of the greatest and meanest things in this world. There are always things you are looking ahead at. I couldn't wait for Abby to be walking, imagining how cute it would be her toddling around, now all of a sudden she's running and I can't help but wonder where my baby has gone! I live for the days, even for the boring routine because those are really the days that matter.   

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Knitwear from Woolovers

For me, as soon as September rolls round its time to dig out the cosy knitwear. I love autumn, the gorgeous colours of the changing leafs, the cooler crisp air and knowing it's the start of the build up towards Christmas.Personally Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without knitwear!

When I was younger, for Christmas we would all receive beautiful new jumpers on Christmas eve. We would normally wear them to my Nana's house that day. I remember one year getting a beautiful purple jumper dress and ever since I've had a huge soft spot for Jumper dresses. For me this time of year there is nothing better then an over size jumper to keep me warm and a real fire burning in the fire place. Heaven!

Its seems that I've continued the Christmas jumper tradition since I was a child as I also buy my little ones a new cosy jumper each yeah. I love seeing Morgan in a cute chunky knit cable jumper, he always looks so mature and like a mini uni student! Last year I got Ewan and Rhys matching reindeer jumpers, I don't normally get ones like these but they were just too cute to pass up.

For myself and Ben I'll definitely be browsing Woolovers for our winter knits!

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*In collaboration with Woolovers

Sunday, 21 September 2014

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Personally I love eggs all and any ways! They have got to be one of my favourite foods and always a must on my shopping list. Even the kids are huge fans of eggs and with the British Lion Eggs brand mark, I know I'm getting the best quality eggs. 

Until recently I didn't actually know how to cook Poached Eggs! Silly when you know how easy it is. Since discovering how to make them we've had them a lot! They are also classed as a free food on my diet making them even better.

My favourite egg recipe is Eggs Benedict and here's how you make them.

You will need...
Hollandaise sauce.

Step 1, (I have no idea how to make hollandaise so I cheat with a packet!) Follow instruction on the packet and make up the hollandaise leaving on a low heat while everything else cooks.

 Step 2, Heat a pan of water until it boils, add a pinch of salt. Spin the water then add an egg to the swirling water.
Step 3, While the egg cooks to your liking toast a muffin. Once toasted add a slice of ham.
Step 4, When the egg is cooked which only takes minutes, add on top of the ham and pour the hollandaise sauce to complete.

It is a lovely simple breakfast/bunch but is so yummy and feel indulgent.


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Friday, 19 September 2014

Love the little things

This is my first time joining up with Love the little things, sadly I hadn't stumbled across it before even though it's in it's 38th week! So anyway here's the things I've loved this past week!



Sadly I haven't had anything that exciting to read this week, I've been getting ready for my uni course to start up again so I've been reading a few pages of my course books. So far they have been terribly boring and I'm hoping once I get a bit further in, I'll start to enjoy it more!


Lately Ben and I have been mad on The Office (US) so far we've watched 6 series in about two/three weeks. It's so funny and I didn't think I would enjoy it because I didn't like the original UK series but it's great. I love the relationships between all the characters.


My new favourite t-shirt that I got for my birthday from Debs (SuperBusyMum). She sent a parcel off all my favourite things (Pictured below!) and this Big Bang Theory tee is awesome!


I don't normally get to hear much music other than Frozen's sound track but I did get a little bit of time to myself the other day and managed to have my playlist of full blast while doing the washing up. Strangely washing up isn't so bad when I can sing my head off without a child complaining I'm making too much noise!

And lastly

The best part of this past week.... Ben got a promotion at work! He's been working so hard and it's lovely that it's all paid off. He's now the Business Project Analyst or is it Project Business Manager? I can't remember but YAY. It doesn't take affect until the 1st of October so he's enjoying the last few days working his old position. I'm so proud of him though!

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