Monday, 27 April 2015

Terrible Twos... Not all bad?

It's amazing how much little ones change over the years, but it's even more surprising how they change in a matter of days.

For months Abby has been such an independent little girl. She's always off doing what she wants to do and not really ever been in to having snuggles or sitting having hugs. These last few weeks however she just comes up to me and give me a great big hug, a proper throw her arms around me and squeeze cuddle! My heart just melts and I must have just sat there mesmerized for a few minutes that she had done such a ridiculously cute act.

My boys have always been cuddly little guys and will often sit having snuggles for ages but when I used to try steal one from Abby she'd moan and throw her arms and legs around until I let go. Since the first time she came to me for a hug, it's been happening more and more and now she'll come and have big long snuggles with both her Dad and I.

She's all of a sudden become such an affectionate little girl and it's lovely. She also now shows so much love towards her brothers. Don't get me wrong we've always known how much she loves them by how she follows them around, but now she kinda rugby tackles them into hugs!

Although I'm not enjoying the terrible two tantrums I'll be making the most of this stage.

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Sunday Photo Mummy-Daughter Time


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Slimming World Sunday #6

Hey! It's that time of week again!

Once again thank you soo much to everyone who have linked up last week! Debs and I love reading all your lovely posts and last week I even found some new recipes to try! The week before we were amazed to have 11 posts linked up but this past week you've all done one better and we had 12 posts!

This week I've been trying some new foods, some good, some I definitely wouldn't be trying again! I headed off to Iceland to buy some of the Slimming World ready meals as everyone had raved about them at group. I will say that it's great that you get so much food in them, however I definitely won't be buying the Sweet Potato Curry again! My mouth was on fire for a few hours after it! It was seriously was too hot and I enjoy spice! Maybe I just got a bad batch? It's put me off trying the others I have sat in the freezer though.

So this week has been one of ups and downs for me. I decided to stop going to group and continue my journey at on with sharing my progress here. I did enjoy group but it just was at an awkward time, meaning some weeks I didn't have a baby sitter. I just felt it was mean I'd have to pay a penalty for missing. Anyway my first week going solo and I've done a bit better than I was while heading off to group.

I popped down to Boots and used their scales and this week I lost 2.5lbs! I went past my half a stone this week so being super lame I made myself my own half a stone sticker!

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Friday, 24 April 2015

Making time for my biggest little.

In just 6 days we'll be celebrating another birthday in our household, Morgan is turning 8 years old! Around birthdays I can't help but reminisce over the previous years and how dramatic life has changed in so many ways. I look back to Morgan's first year of life and most of my memories are of just the two of us, with his Dad working most of the time and my family living over 100 miles away it was just me and him. At the time I remember being a bit lonely and I really missed my family but I also love looking back at how much bonding we got because of this.

Since Morgan could communicate he's always been a sensitive little soul. He's a deep thinker and worrier very much like me, a trait that can be both good and bad. I see a lot of myself in him and I think I understand him more than anyone else because of this. So there are times when I notice he needs a little Mummy pick me up. I have one on one time with all the kids but when I notice life is dragging Morgan down I make sure I have a few extra minutes whenever I can just to make him laugh, or have a little chat. Sure it does worry me how deep, emotional and hard on himself he can be, but just talking things through always helps him unwind.

During the Easter holidays I noticed Morgan was getting a little low, so when Ewan, Rhys and Abby were in bed I packed him into the car and headed for Cleethorpes. A Mummy and Morgan date was exactly what he needed. We headed to the cinema and booked two tickets for Home. We grabbed a load of sweets and popcorn and settled into our seats.

The movie was brilliant and I'm taking the twins to see it next weekend because I'd happily watch it over and over. We didn't stop giggling the whole way through. After the movie we popped next door for a McDonald's and then headed back to the car where I drove us to sit on the sea front eating our dinner while watching the boats come in to dock at Grimsby.

I managed to get to have a good heart to heart with him and he was back to being the bright and cheerful boys in no time. Turns out he was stressing about little bits that had just built into something much larger than it needed to be! He really is too hard on himself!

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Slimming World Sunday #5

Hello, Thank you once again to all those you link up last week. I've loved reading your posts about your journey so far. It really is a big boost that helps keeps me motivated.

This week hasn't been great for me, we're now 3 weeks in and it's been the first time I've really really NEEDED chocolate! I've fallen off plan a couple of times but I'm trying hard to be good again.

This week I've really enjoying the food out of my Fakeaway book. It's all been amazing. I've really been dying for a curry lately so I'll be trying to make my first every curry using the recipe in the book.

So this past week I sadly missed group again. My poor little girl has had a really nasty infection and I was going to go but she wouldn't settle for anyone. My weigh in is at 7:30pm so I thought I would have her asleep by then but she didn't end up snoozing till 9! Anyway I weighed myself at home because I needed to keep track for my self and this last week I lost 1lb. Not a huge amount but I'll take it especially seeing as I had snacked on chocolate a couple of times!

Weeks loss - 1.5lbs
Total lost - 4lbs
Still to lose - 51.5lbs

I feel like I've been very slow to lose weigh but I think seeing as I came straight from Diet Chef to SW my body is taking a little bit of time to adjust.

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My Sunday Photo

Just a girl and her best friend


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Friday, 17 April 2015

Are the Easter holiday's #Betterwithcake

  Are the Easter Holiday's better with cake? I'd say YES! With four children the holidays could become crazy if we didn't plan enough activities. Bored children = whinny children! However it just isn't possible to fill ever waking moment with an activity, I'm just not a super woman.

This is when I find cake comes into play perfectly. There is no better way to get five minutes peace then to hand the children some cake. It is a light saver for those moments where you just need a cuppa tea and to catch your breathe after a hectic morning at the park.

Not only is cake great for peace and quiet but it's perfect at our picnic's. It just wouldn't be a picnic without cake now would it?!

Or is cake even better at Nanny's while playing in the garden? It just wouldn't be Nanny's house without cake now would it?!

Tantrum bribing is always better with cake! It just wouldn't be a good bribe without cake now would it?!

Wait cake is also great at the beach, watching the sea roll in while the children build castles! It just wouldn't be a beach day without cake now would it?!

The holiday's are always better with cake! HOWEVER Slimming World weigh in group is definitely NOT better with cake! But it's worth the angry faces!

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How to save money on your weekly food shop

As a big family, doing the weekly food shop can get extremely expensive. If I'm not careful it could easily reach £100-£200! I can however feed a family of six on £60-80 a week and so I thought I'd shared a few little tips on how I achieve this.

I hate wasting food. I plan a weeks worth of meals before I shop and this helps me not to buy things I don't actually need. I simply plan 7 meals, lunches and breakfasts for the week and just buy the ingredients we need.

Make everything from scratch.
This is the best way to get your shopping bills cheaper. Don't take the short cut and buy the already prepared burgers, make them from scratch, it'll end up cheaper and you'll also make more than you need. Popping the extras in the freezer will also help cut cost on the following weeks shop because you could use the frozen leftovers for another meal.

Making everything yourself can be more time consuming so to help me when I know I have a busier day, I make everything on a Saturday or Sunday when I have more free time. Once prepared I bag the meals up and pop them in the freezer. I then just let them defrost the night before then either pop them in the slow cooker or cook them that night. Simple!

This is pretty important. Set yourself an amount you are happy to spend each week. When we go shopping without a budget things can run away from you pretty quickly. Then you end up stood at the check out with your mouth wide open.

£80 is more than enough to get us everything we need each week, including nappies and baby wipes some times it's even less because I try to buy nappies when they are on offer.

When making a budget try and remember everything you need to buy each week, and make a list of all the essentials to help make sure you don't miss anything out.

Where to shop?
Picking where you shop will also help save you money. A lot of supermarkets have money saving schemes now offering to save you money but it isn't always true. Sadly where I live I don't have an aldi, or a really cheap supermarket so I am stuck with a choice between Morrisons or Tesco's. Out of the two I do find Tesco saves me more money.

Switch Brands
Switching brands is one of the most noticeable ways of saving money. Switching big names for supermarket own brands will most likely cut the price in half. I've also never noticed much of a taste change either!

So there we have it. Pretty simple but really effective!


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Monday, 13 April 2015

Slimming World Sunday.... On a Monday.

I know it isn't Sunday but the post I wrote on my phone just completely deleted itself! Anyone else find the Blogger App completely useless??! Anyway thank you to Debi for doing it alone yesterday but I'm here now!

The post I wrote on Friday was all about how good I had been all week and how I had hoped I would have a big loss this next week. HOWEVER after the amazing weekend I've had I'm just hoping I can stay the same this weekend. You see I've been at the in laws this weekend and I've been truly pampered. While out for lunch I ordered the Gnocchi in a creamy garlic sauce and no matter what I put on at the next weigh in it'll always be worth it! Now I'm home though I'm completely back on track and I think this is one of the great things about Slimming World. It's a life style I want to keep!

So this past week I didn't make it to group due to having a sickness bug so I weighed myself at home. I won't share my results until next week as I think my scales could be different to the ones at group so I don't want to officially say I lost/stayed/gained X amount and then go to group and I haven't!

Like Debi I also grabbed some new books from Slimming World. I picked up these two because they both looked so great! I'm hoping over the next week I'll be making some yummy meals from them so I'll be sharing with you all next week!

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Friday, 10 April 2015

Harry Potter, Bargain buys & Boyce Avenue. #Littleloves

Today I'm joining in with Butwhymummywhy's Littleloves linky. I've been terrible for writing this Easter half term. We've been out most days and when I do get time to write I'm too tired to even think of anything. Yesterday however I had a terrible sickness bug and was able to sit down and get some posts written while I was recovering. My lovely Mum and Brother took the little ones for the day so I didn't have to worry and anything but getting better!

Lots and lots of Slimming World recipe books. I bought two new ones from group last week and some of the food looks amazing! I've been busy meal planning and the food sounds more exciting then before the diet!

Every evening this week I've watched every one of the Harry Potter movies. Ben has only recently discovered his love for HP at the age of 28! So we've had a movie marathon watching all 8 movies! Last night we watched the last movies and although Ben's been around while I've watched it before it all had new meanings for him this time and I'm not surprised to say he loved it all! I love how HP is so adaptable to ages, I loved growing up with it in my teens and I can't wait to introduce the children to it. Morgan and I have already started reading the first book together.
I've been in love with Boyce Avenue for a while now but recently I went looking for more of their covers to add to my Spotify playlist and found their cover of Demons. I loved the song already but I LOVE this version. It's feels so emotional and honestly when I watched it on Youtube I got tears in my eyes! Maybe I'm just one of those people that gets teary at everything, but I could listen to it all day long.

With all the lovely sun we've been having I got in a BBQ kinda mood and although it hasn't been as hot as it has looked we had a little indoor picnic with BBQ style food! It was delicious!

The brightest shoes ever! I stopped off at Sports Direct to see if they had some black P.E shorts for the boys and I got distracted by the warehouse liquidation. I managed to buy these pink shoes for £8! I did regret the colour afterwards as I think they are a little to bright for me but for £8 they are perfect for our walks and pottering around!

and Lastly...

I've been loving planning Morgan's birthday. He'll be 8 on the 29th, I've been super organised and all his presents have been bought and now I just have his cake to plan! He's always been a huge Pokemon fan so I'm making a Pikachu cake! It's pretty likely it won't look like the picture below but I'm enjoying planning and the thought of making it.

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