Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Instagram Round-Up Week 4

This last week has been lovely. Although I was ill some of it, it has been one of the best weeks this year. Granted we're only four weeks in but everything has just been lovely.

Top-Bottom, Left-Right.
1, My crazy family. The four photo's above were taken Sunday afternoon. After picking Morgan up from being at his Dad's house we headed for an afternoon walk at the nearby beach. It was beautiful out and fairly mild. The boys came home with millions of shells and Abby loved the freedom.
2, I love how pretty these beach huts looked with the sun setting on them.
3, The tide was really far out so the boys had fun splashing on the wet sand.
4, I love the little outline of Abby and Ben. 

5, Morgan getting some important practicing done on his guitar. (You might have already seen this photo from this weeks Ordinary Moments)
6, This wasn't actually posed. Ewan and Rhys were talking to me when Morgan came and hugged Ewan. I did make them stand still until I got a picture!
7, Ewan and Rhys have been struggling with sleeping at Daddy's house. So to try and get their mind off whatever is worrying them, we've made a weekend box that will be filled with a different activity each time they visit. I'm sure it will get them focused on the fun they can have with Daddy rather than being home sick!

8, While loading the shopping in the car Abby noticed the Pineapple. She loves fruit especially pineapple. She's such a mini Mummy!
9, Abby loves making a dash for Nanny's glasses. Normally they are kept well away from those little destroying hands but this time she got a little wear.
10, This photo was taken Sunday evening after a day on the beach, easy to say the bath looked gross afterwards!

11, I was feeling ill with a throat infection last week so my brother turned up with a latte and sent me to bed to relax! Such a good brother.
12, Abby sits at the door waiting for the postman, she tries to lick up spilled drink on her hands and knees and she's tried to eat dog biscuits. This picture has just made it official my daughter thinks she's a dog!
13, Lastly this was taken while we were waiting for Ben to finish work. I LOVE MY CAR!

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Looking for that perfect gift for Valentine's Day?

January is already coming to an end which means Valentines Day is coming! I love Valentine's Day, even when I was single I still thought it was a lovely day.

I've been with Ben for a fair few years now and we like to make Valentine's Day special. Each year we like to put a little thought into our gifts and I'm a romantic at heart. It really has to be sentiment. This however can be quite a hard task.

Toxicfox is the perfect place when looking for a special gift. Even if you aren't the romantic type like me, they have all sorts of gifts that would suit anyone and everyone. The website is easy to navigate which gifts sorted into sections meaning you don't have to browse things you aren't looking for.

Toxicfox asked if I would like to review an item for this Valentine's Day and I told them that I'm more a sentimental kind of person and they picked something from the Valentine's section they have. It was nice not knowing what I would get and the surprise was just like I was getting a gift myself.

I opened the parcel to find a silver gift box with "Name a star" on the front. I think this is such a lovely idea for a gift for a loved one. It is definitely romantic and a perfect way to remember a special date.

I think this gift would also be a great wedding gift or even for the birth of a child. Heck even my 7 year old would love this as a gift. He loves learning about space and within the gift box there is plenty of information including "The History Of Stars" and "Stars, Facts and Figures". He would spend hours reading it all and researching his own star.

The gift is beautifully presented and has everything you need inside. Everything is so easy to understand with simple step by step information and there is also another leaflet with questions you might have explained. 

The quickest and easiest way to registrar your star is via the website it gives in the pack. You can also registrar the star by post so would still make a great gift if the person receiving doesn't use to internet.

Overall I love my gift okay I was going to give it Ben but I think it would now make a lovely family activity where we can all name the star together. Toxicfox is a great website and I will definitely be browsing it more looking for gifts. It looks like it would really come in handy when trying to find gifts for family.

Toxicfox is also offering my readers a 10% off voucher code! Simply use – TFLove
Voucher valid until 15th of February and only on items that aren't already on offer.

This post was in collaboration with Toxicfox. All words and opinions are my own.

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Review and giveaway: Yourimage2canvas

I'm a typical Mummy blogger. Camera in hand, snapping all our adventures. Yet to look around the house I don't actually have that many pictures on the walls. When we moved here I wanted to decorate so I didn't rush to find frames and images. Two years later and the walls are still a yucky gray colour and we still have very little family photo's around.

Yourimage2canvas is one of the easiest websites I've ever used. It has very simply steps which is sure to get you the results you want.

First you select the layout of your canvas. I love the quad canvas layout however never thought of making on myself because I was scared I would mess it just. With Youimage2canvas it's simple as they do it all for you.

Next simply choose your canvas style. Each size is clearly priced.
Step three is simply picking how your image would look best and four is how deep the frame should be. (I have included an image as it explains it's self.

Step five is letting you pick how you would like the edge of the canvas. Then Step six is simply uploading you image. I love that you can also send in images as I do have a few from a couple of years back that I would love to make bigger.

Step seven lets you pick what colour you'd like. I have a great image that would look amazing in Sepia so I'll be ordering soon!

 After those quick steps you simply add to bag and you are ready to check out.

I received my image just 24 hours after sending in my image. I was amazed at how fast my service was. My canvas came wrapped in bubble wrap and card. It felt very secure.

I am so in love with my canvas. I chose to have a white edge as I love the way it looks, it adds a nice crisp frame. My image looks great, it's so clear. I've had many people comment how lovely it is when they've been visiting so I think it's a big hit.

I can't recommend Yourimage2canvas enough, they are one of the best places for cheap canvas prints. Their website is nice and clear to use and the product is faultless!

The giveaway will run for 3 weeks. The giveaway is open to residents of the UK. To enter, correctly fill out the Rafflecopter options. The winner will be notified via email. Prizes are non exchangeable, returnable and have no cash alternative.

I was sent a canvas for free in exchange for a fair and honest opinion.
All words are my own.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Ordinary Moments. #4 Mummy & Moggy time

For the last year Morgan has been having guitar lessons every Friday at school. It's one of the best things I've enrolled him in, as he loves it. He comes home every week excited to show me what he's learnt that lesson.

We always wait until to the others have gone to bed, then Morgan will grab his guitar and play for me. Most of the things he plays are just little songs that are there to help teach him to play music, they aren't anything fancy yet but I love listening to him.

This past Friday I was just sat waiting him when I realised just how grow up he had become. He's my sensible boy and he's always looking after his little brothers and sister, but I noticed just how grown up he acts and it's scary! In just a few short months he's going to be 8 years old and I can't believe how quickly we've got to this age.

I'm linking up with Mummy, Daddy, Me The Ordinary Moments linky.

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Slimming World Weight Loss Journey. Week 2

Two weeks in now and it's still being rather enjoyable, sure I would love to order takeaway but I'm being good!

This last week has been a bit busier than the first and I've had Super noodles for lunch a couple of days rather than salad. At least the Super noodles are free on Slimming world but I do enjoy my salads. I've also been ill again so I've been lacking in energy. I had a really throat infection over Christmas which has decided to attack again so I'm not feeling great and not even eating anything at times.

Illness has played a part in this weeks weigh in and I've only lost a pound. I'm happy it's still a loss but I think because it's been to hard to eat anything my body thinks I'm starving it. I'm still happy with a loss though and still as ever determined to continue to do well.

When I'm better I've signed up to a class at the local leisure center and I'm actually excited about going. It's on tonight but I think if I tried while ill I wouldn't be helping myself at all!

Weight loss this week = 1

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

How To Approach A Job Interview.

Getting a job interview can be both an exciting and nerve-racking situation. Although the decision essentially comes down to what the company are looking for, there are somethings you can do to help your chances of being that somebody.


It would be silly not to do your research. First head to their website, if you don't know it then go straight to good old Google. Knowing the basic background of the company will help during your interview. Also familiarise yourself with the job description and think how your skills directly suit what they are looking for. This will help with on the spot questions.
ALWAYS plan ahead. Make sure you know how to get there. The last thing you want is to be late!

The Interview

It's important to give a good impression, so going smartly dressed would be best. Try to avoid lots of make up or jewellery. You want to look as professional as possible.

Make sure you pay attention to the questions that are asked. It's easy when you're nervous for your mind to be racing, make sure you understand before answering. It would also help if you don't speak at a hundred miles an hour. Even though it might not be how you talk normally, nerves have a nasty way of making you do these things. So just try to keep it in check! Taking your time to answer slowly while also making good eye contact will help you communicate and look confident. Try not to nervously fidget in your chair. Looking calm will help show them how perfect you would be for the job.

Lastly, don't forget to let your personality shine. You are selling yourself at an interview, don't be a robot!

If sadly the interview doesn't work out, you could always try City Calling to find that perfect job!

This post was written in collaboration with City Calling. All words are my own.

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Instagram Round-Up week 3

This past week I've seen a lot about #BlueMonday and I honestly haven't felt it. Sure it feels like a very long time since our last payday but it doesn't feel to bad. Surely every Monday could be a #BlueMonday!

1, I'm turning into a crazy cat lady! Even though the cat isn't mine. Stampy has a thing for the washing machine and will sit for ages just watching it. The silly little things cracks me up.
2, Morgan got some of these scratch art sets for Christmas and he loved them so much he finished them all within a day. I ordered a few more and he was so pleased!
3, While making dinner the other day I thought it seemed a little too quiet. I found Ben, the boys and Abby sat in a den they had built. Seriously the cutest thing ever!

4, I ordered these gorgeous bows from Mickey Waffles Bows on Etsy before Christmas and they were definitely worth the wait. You should check her Etsy page because she has so many amazing designs. I LOVE the Buzz Lightyear one!
5, Saturday we headed for our family swim session and snapped this one after we had got out the pool. Sadly Abby isn't looking but I still love this picture!
6. Abby loves getting herself dressed at the moment. She loves putting hats on and scarves.

7. My Poor Rhys has been ill all weekend with tonsillitis. He was fine until the second we left the swimming pool. It's amazing how quickly illnesses come. I had him in the out of hours doctors and a dose of antibiotics later as he's as good as new.
8. Anybody that knows me will know that I'm not a big tea drinking however over the last 6 months I've become a big fan. You can't beat a good cuppa.

You can find me on Instagram (Inmybubbleblog). I'm always looking for new people to follow so if you add your username in the comments I'll pop by! 

Super Busy Mum

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Review: Nakd Bars

Since the new year I've been following a much stricter diet and following slimming world recipes. I've so far been enjoying my health kick so when I was offered a box of cereal bars from Natural Balance Foods to review I jumped at the chance.

Nakd bars have a real feel good vibe to them, the bars are described as having minimal processing and they don't add sugar, syrup or any of those nasty E numbers. In most bars they only contain around three ingredients!

Berry Delight only has four which are dates, cashews, raisins and raspberries and it's delicious! It was the first one I tried and it was really enjoyable. The favors they come in are all so yummy. My personal favourite was the Bakewell tart. It tasted just like the real thing but without all the other calories. The bars texture wasn't what I expected to start with, but I really liked it. It was smooth and chewy.

Sadly because I'm following Slimming World I can't actually eat these bars often. Although they are filled with natural goodies they are high in sugar. Eating a single bar could use up around 7-10 syns and when I only get 15 for the day I find I'm probably not going to be picking one of these up. They are however still a great alternative to a chocolate bar.

What I do love about them though is that they are gluten, wheat and dairy free. It's a great snack for Abby who's allergic to milk. I find that most health bars always contain dairy so it is nice to able to hand one to Abby knowing it's good for her.

They have also been great in the boys pack ups. They have loved them and again I'd much prefer the boys to have natural sugars than chocolate bars that would also contain high saturated fats. It's also one of their five a day, and we know how hard they can be to get into little ones.

Overall I think they are a great alternative snack to those things that are really bad for you, because having one of these when my sweet tooth was raging has satisfied the craving. I don't think it's the healthiest snack bar around  according to Slimming World but it would seem to me to be one of the most enjoyable. 

I received these bars in exchange for my fair and honest opinion.

Family Fever

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Ordinary Moments. #3 A family swim

I love the weekends purely because it means plenty of family time. This week we started swimming again. We'd go every other week before Christmas however took a break over the Christmas period. It is definitely the kids favourite thing to do at the weekend and we could stay in for hours.

A little blurry but this was the only picture I took.

We have a great pool in our town that is perfect for family's. It even has family changing rooms which means we can all get ready together making it much easier on Ben and I. We love the children's pool, the boys love the pirate ship that is in the middle and Abby loves having a bit of freedom in the shallow area. It's the perfect size to be able to watch them all without having to be the over bearing parent.

Over the last few months I've been able to watch the boys grow in confident with the water. Morgan has gone from not being able to swim to be being able to swim on his back unaided and will try all the time on his front without help. Ewan is the most comfortable in the water he's such a water baby. He'll happily put his head under the water and throw himself around without a worry. Rhys is just as confident as Ewan however he hates having water on his face so will avoid putting his face under.

I've always looked at our swims as just family time but after watching them go around the pool, I've realised how it's much more than that for them. They are developing new skills that they wouldn't get without our family swim.

I am linking up with Mummy Daddy Me, The Ordinary Moments linky.

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Slimming World Weight Loss Journey. Week 1

Here we go again....
Another weigh loss journey, I tried to lose weight before Christmas but I completely flaked and failed within a week. This time however, I'm fully committed and actually enjoying it so far. I've tried several diets over the last few years and although I've lost plenty of times, sadly I've never kept it off. I know I need to change my lifestyle rather than just restricting calories, so I decided to try Slimming World.

I love that with Slimming World I don't feel like I'm starving. It's all about making good choices. Instead of having half a plate of chips, I have half a plate of salad, the volume fills you up and I have definitely been feeling satisfied after dinner.

I've never been a salad person however this week I've choose to have them everyday. I love them! With just a little effort they aren't boring! Adding a boiled egg, some ham and using a couple of syns on light dressing really makes a difference.

Last night Ben was working out of town, and the light bulb blew in the kitchen. Instead of sticking the kids in the car to head over to B&Q, I ordered takeaway. It was a long day, and I needed something quick. HOWEVER I ordered a jacket potato with salad actually not breaking my diet at all. I must admit it was the strongest will power I've ever had! It was hard watching the boys eat garlic bread. (My favourite!) BUT I did it and I'm really pleased with myself.

So I stepped on the scales and in my first week I've lost 4 pounds! It feels great because I don't feel like I've dieted!

Weight loss this week = 4

Have you started a diet in the New Year? Leave your link below and we can help motivate each other! 

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