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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Im still here!

I have been much quieter than normal and I'm blaming the summer holidays. Although I am loving all the time I'm spending with the kids I do actually miss blogging, reading other posts and commenting. I miss my little routine but come September I'm going to have a lot more time on my hands than normal. 

I won't go into every little thing that has happened so far this holiday as I think it would be a few pages long. I'll just share some of my favourite parts. 

Last week we had a play date with a friend and her children. We met Bex from DillyDrops at the nearby park to let the kids have a good play. Morgan used to go to the same school as Bex's son and it was their friendship that bought us together as friends. We also realised how similar our situations were at the time and that seemed to help strengthen our relationship and helped us both deal with what we and the children were going through. When Morgan moved school it was lovely that we kept in contact.

Anyway we had a good catch up while the kids played. Sadly I didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked as Abby had skipped her morning nap and was exhausted! She did have a nice time following the older children around. She just kept getting annoyed when she couldn't do the same as them. 

Last week I also passed my Theory Test. This may not be a big deal to some but I was so nervous. I had never done it before and I just didn't know how it would go. It now means I can book my test which is still going to be a while, there is about a two month wait! I want it NOW! It's so exciting, I just want to be able to drive and have my freedom and it's just so close now.

We've also just spent a lot of time at home. Making dens and playing in our garden.

We are borrowing my brother in laws tent this next week and we are going the camp in the garden. The boys have given me a list of things I need to buy which mainly consists of marshmallows and sweets. We have baked pretty much every week of the holidays and I'm pretty sure the twins are going to be bakers when they are old. It is by far their favourite thing to do. 

We have a visit to the dentist this afternoon. Morgan has a bad tooth. (Not from all the baking). It's completely broke down the side. He broke it on the trampoline, the same trampoline he broke arm on. I swear he's being banned for life from it. I can't see the appointment going well and I think they will most likly remove it as it's a baby tooth.

We've also been busy shopping for our first car. We're looking for a 7 seater so choice is a little limited but there are a few we like. We are thinking we're most likely to buy a Grand Scenic as they are the ones that fit best into what we need and also our budget. It's all very exciting. It would be nice to be able to practice in the new car but we aren't in a rush to buy.

Well that's all I have time for! Abby has already woke from her nap so she'll be grumpy later. I promise I'll be around more now!

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

#BEDA If you won the lottery.

I think the very first thing I would do if I won the lottery would be rather boring to most. I would go and buy a flash car or tonnes of jewellery. I would clear all our debts! It would be amazing not having them hanging over our heads and I think it would be the best feeling in the world getting rid of them.

Secondly I'd buy our forever home. Living in rentals can be hard. We are often worried about how long it will actually be called our home. Our landlord has said quite often that he wants to put it on the market and in a strange way it is like having bomb waiting to go off. I hate moving and I feel like it is looming over our heads. I'd love nothing more than to have our very own place and all the security it brings.

As much as dreaming about winning the lottery is great I know real life isn't like that and we're working our way to a more secure future ourselves but in the spirit of #BEDA I did a little browsing on Rightmove and picked this pretty house!

 And I guess if I did win the lottery I would buy a nice car to sit on that drive...

Okay so it's hardly a sports car with soft top but as a family of 6 this is fancy!

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Friday, 15 August 2014

#BEDA What destinations are top of your dream travel list?

Ooops I've failed to blog every day this month but I'm going to continue with what ever I can. I don't know about anyone else but I'm really struggling to find time to blog with the kids home 24/7. I'm loving having them around and we're having lots of fun before the new term starts so until then blogging will have to take a back seat!

Today's prompt is "What destinations are top of your dream travel list?" this is going to be quite a fun one. I'm looking forward to starting to take the children aboard and I have so many destinations I think they'll love.

At the very top of the list just has to be Florida. Partly for the Disney parks but also for all the other parks. It would be a once in a lifetime holiday. I would love to spend hours in the magic of the Disney parks and then have our own little villa and private pool. I went as a child to the Disney park in Paris for Christmas and it is something I will never forget and I really can't wait to experience it with my own children.

Another place on my list is Italy. I have a huge love for history and Rome is just over flowing with culture. I would love to spend my days sight seeing and then my evenings eating pasta in cute little bistros. Ben and I have even said that this would be where we would go on our honeymoon when we finally marry.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

#BEDA My Guilty Pleasures.

I feel like a kid sharing some of these.

First one has got to be chocolate of course! I know I need to diet and I'm excising everyday but oh I just need a chocolate fix every now and then! I love Malteasers the most!

I still watch Pokemon at the grand old age of 26... My son Morgan loves it and I record the series for him however I always have to watch them with him! Its nice Mummy and Morgan time! We also collect a lot of the cards.

Backstreet Boys... this is one from my teens. I loved them and I still have their song on my playlist.
"Everybody... yeah... rock your body. yeah.."

 Okay if I'm confessing to Backstreet boys, N'Sync have to be included too...

Animal gifs. Seriously love these. If I'm having a bad day a nice little animal gif would cheer me right up!

Sadly it wouldn't let me share my favourite gif so I'll leave it at that. Sorry about all the cheesy music..

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Review: Chatterbox Walls

We've been living in this house for a year now and the walls are still as bare as they were the day we moved in. I think I found it hard to settle here I didn't unpack as much as I probably should have and a lot of boxes headed into the attic for safe keeping. This was mainly because after signing the contract and moving all the boxes here our landlord dropped the news that he was hoping to sell in  year. However a year in and he's never mentioned it again so I've slowly been making this place feel home.

My favourite thing to do is to browse Pinterest for pretty ideas. Although I lack the funds to have the house that would fit perfectly on the front cover of a magazine. There are plenty of ways to add touches that really don't cost the earth.

Something that I loved while browsing was the House Rules signs. With three boisterous boys and an even crazier girl, life can be hectic. We have plenty of house rules, however I loved the signs I came across that weren't just about the rules but love too.

So when I came across Chatterbox Walls I loved that I could completely customise a House Rules print at a faction of the price I was finding them on Etsy!

Not only do they do a design I was looking for, they also have a huge range of different styles of prints all costumisable to be exactly how you want it. I've already seen one that would be prefect for my brother.

Anyway, I got thinking about what our house rules would be and then I got creating. The website is easy to find your way around and is extremely easy to use. What I loved the most was that it updated in real time. Whenever I added a new sentence, it was there giving me a preview. After adding all my rules I was able to see how it would look. I was then able to make changes easily, like making a pretty pattern with the lengths of the sentences. I'm sure it looked great the other way too, but just the fact I was able to change it, just to please my eyes was great.

I'm so happy with the finished design!

Once I was happy with the layout I went and had a look at the colours. With a nice mix of bold and pastel colours it would suit anyone or for any room. I choose the pink and grey as I thought it was such a pretty combination.

I've created the images below just to show how quick and easy it is to make up your design and have a preview.

Prints start out at £14.99 and increase in price with size. You can also add a frame for £16.99 making it perfect for a gift.

Just two days later and my lovely print was on my doorstep. I was completely amazed by how quick it came. When ordering personalised items I always expect delivery to be longer so it was a nice surprise.

I personally love my print and I think Chatterbox Walls are a great company. I cannot fault the service I received.

I was sent a print to blog an honest review of the product and service. All thoughts and words are my own.

We're going on an adventure

Monday, 11 August 2014

#BEDA Your 5 favourite movies.

I had so many that I wanted to include however I choice to share the first five that came to mind. It's quite a random selection I like a huge range of different movies.
Love Actually

This is my favourite film when I'm feeling low. I just love it. Although it's more of a Christmassy film it doesn't matter to me. It is permanently on my Sky box and I watch it any time. I still think Hugh Grant should be PM!

Trading Places

I remember my Dad watching this is when I was in my early teens and I thought it was so funny. I love Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd and I love that they get pay back the rich Dukes. Again another film I could watch over and over!

Now You See Me

I watched this with Benjy when it first came out and I've loved it from the moment it started. I love watching magic shows and even went and saw Derren Brown a few years back. I loved all the twists and turns this film has and I could watch it a million times. I would recommend it to everyone. This also has the added bonus of Morgan Freeman and Michael Crane! (I may have strange old man crushes on these too) Heck I even named my eldest Morgan.

Catch Me If You Can

This is the first film I started liking Leonardo DiCaprio I didn't think he was that good looking in Titantic but this film is just great. Also a big fan of Tom Hanks so it was the perfect duo. I love that it is based on a true story and so amazed that someone could get away with what he did.

Sound of Music.

I was crazy about this film when I was a child and watched it so much I wore out two video tapes! I didn't understand all the war back in those days I just loved how they were a family that sang all together. These days I can appreciate the film on different levels and I think Julie Andrews is my biggest hero! I would love to visit Austria and go on the Sound of music tour!

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

#BEDA What are 3 items you've checked off your bucket list already.

I have a few things that I've ticked off. I started a 101 things in 1001 days, which I've not updated for a while, but I have a few of my fairly bigger targets in progress at the moment that I'm pretty pleased with.

The first is the one I am most happy about. Last year I started studying for my degree. This was something I had wanted to do for years, but was never brave enough or had that much confidence in doing it. To start with I was a little unsure what subject to study. I loved Art at school, but I had barely done any painting since becoming a mum. So I was pretty sure I was a little rusty in that area. I then saw Art History and thought it was prefect. I loved history so I would be combining my love for both. I gave it a few days as I just wasn't completely sure. Then sat flicking through the channels and I just knew I should just do History. The amount of history channel recordings on my Sky+ was kind of a big hint that it was the right choice to make!

I passed the first year with great marks and I even surprised myself. School always felt hard work but with my degree I want to learn so it seems easy.

The second is another one in progress. It's learning to drive. Again for years, it was something I really wanted to do, however, in my previous relationship we were never financially settled for me to spend so much money on myself so it was put off. I always knew I would love driving, the sense of freedom is so alluring. I honestly can't wait to be driving, which shouldn't be too long. My driving instructor says I'm test ready, however Louth being a tiny place means I have to wait weeks for my test!

Lastly, it's a little bit boring, but it's getting my own finances sorted. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm heading in the right direction!


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