The Paint Box Ceramic Cafe – Cleethorpes

At the weekend the In My Bubble clan were invited over to Cleethorpes to get our hands dirty at The Paint Box. A lovely little cafe near the sea front, where the children can paint pottery, while the parents drink tea and coffee. Sounds perfect doesn’t it.

We were met with a lovely warm welcome and even though my boys can be quite shy at times they were chatting away to the owner in no time. After we were seated the boys and Abby went and chose what they wanted to paint. Morgan chose a cute little turtle, Ewan picked a dinosaur, Rhys fell in love with a cup and Abby of course decided the bunny was for her. They had a nice range of items that could be customised, from the little figures like the ones already mentioned to plates, jugs and even clocks.

My inner artist wanted to join the kids painting however, with Abby present I knew we needed as many hands as possible ready to stop her from any mischief. I was excited to discover that not only do they run fun days for children but they also have special nights for the adults too. The next one being a romantic couples night near Valentine’s Day on the 19th. My little excited squeal should have been a big enough clue to Ben to what I want to do this year!

After a quick run down of instructions, the kids were painting and loving every minute. Abby’s main aim of course was just to get as much paint on her bunny as possible. Ewan and Rhys did a great job too, they were more focused on trying to get detail onto their masterpieces. Morgan had become a little perfectionist, and he spent the most time making sure his turtle was exactly how he wanted it.

While they painted, Ben and I enjoyed our tea and coffee, even with a toddler in tow we actually managed to get a few minutes to relax.

The Paint Box
Once all the painting had been complete, we handed them over to Rachel, the Paint Box owner, and she popped their names on them. She explained to the boys that they wouldn’t be ready that day as they would need to go in a very hot oven. They take a week to be ready but that didn’t bother the boys as they were more excited that they would get to go back again!


We had a fantastic time and I can see us heading back time and time again. The boys are even wanting their birthday parties there. This is certainly one activity that’s perfect no matter the weather or season.

Lastly I would just like to say a big thank you to The Paint Box for inviting us along!

You can find The Paint Box on the following sites..



Me and Mine – January 2016

me and minejan
So here we are again, last year we started this lovely series of taking a family photo a month however I think we only made it to July. Hopefully this year we’ll remember to do it every month!

Daddy is loving…
Getting a new job.
Shopping for a second car.
Watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Mummy is loving…
Baking with the kids.
Going to Clubbercise.
Having family time at the weekends.

Morgan is loving…
Reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Learning to bake cakes with Mummy.
Staying up late at the weekends.

Ewan is loving…
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Playing Minecraft.
Writing Birthday wishlists.

Rhys is also loving…
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Playing Minecraft.
Playing with Abby and her My Little Pony’s

Abby is loving…
Heading to soft play every week.
Her My Little Pony’s

My Plans & Goals for 2016

Hey, I’m back! 2016 didn’t start off to well on the blog front. BUT I’m back and ready to get blogging and I’m starting off with putting together just a few goals.

Although things started off rocky for the blog, things outside of the computer have been pretty amazing. This year is already shaping up to be good, even though we’re only 10 days in! I’m looking forward to seeing how things pan out.

So January is the perfect month for setting up goals and this year I plan on doing a LOT.

I can now officially say, I’m getting married next year! So this year I have a lot of arranging and planning to do. I’ve already booked a few essentials and have some ideas of what I would like my wedding to look like but I’ll be sharing these with you over the next year. My goals on the wedding front is to have at least £4000 saved by the end of the year and to have most of what we want booked!

Another goal I’ve set myself, is to get to a weight I am happy with. Last year about a month before Christmas I started Slimming World. I managed to lose a stone in just that time and so this year I have big hopes to lose the rest. I want to share and document this journey as it’s a hard thing to do. I’m hoping if I write about it, it will help me keep on track.

Along with the diet I want to start exercising. As much as I’ll enjoy being skinny, one day, that isn’t my only goal. I want to be healthy. I have a history of heart disease in the family so I want to make the changes now before it is too late. I also want those positive changes to affect the children’s lives too.

The other big change I plan on making this year, is to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
Just before Christmas I was chosen by Ikea to take part in their Live Lagom Project. I’ll be sharing more on this in another post as there is way to much to say just here. But it is basically, making small but effective changes around the house to help you live sustainable.
If you’re interested in knowing more, keep an eye out for the post coming up soon!

The last goal I’ve set myself this year, is to get a job. I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to be a stay at home Mum and bring up the children but I’m excited to start my career. I haven’t completed my History Degree yet, so I can’t train as a teacher just yet. So I’m actually going to do an evening course to qualify me as a teaching assistant. I thought this would be the perfect job to start myself off on, as it’ll not only give me the taste of what is it like in the classroom but also it would fit into our lifestyle perfectly without the need of child care during the holidays.

I am have set myself a bit to do this year but it totally feels do-able. Last year wasn’t the best for me so this year I’m going to work hard and make my own luck!

Do you have any goals you’ve set yourself this year?

My favourite posts of 2015

Although 2015 wasn’t an easy year for myself, after looking back over the year I realised how many nice memories I also have. Instead of writing the year off as a dud, I thought it would be nice to share with you my favourite posts of 2015. Because no matter how bad we think things are, they aren’t always that bad!
My favourite posts of 2015…

Bluestone National park Resort, Wales Review
At the beginning of the year we were lucky enough to be sent to the lovely Bluestone resort in Wales. It was our first holiday since Ben and I had started driving and we were all very excited. We had a lovely holiday and we made some lovely memories we’ll keep forever. We also celebrated Ben’s birthday while we were there, which made his day just slightly more special than normal.

The boys are still asking when we can head back and I’m hoping it will be soon!

Bank Holiday Bike Rides.
This wasn’t long after the children’s birthdays. All the boys had received bikes as gifts and this was our first outing where we had taken them out for a big ride. I remember the day so clearly and it was a great day. Ben was off helping teach Morgan to ride his new big bike without stabiliser and I was watch the twins and Abby ride/run up and down.

A Very Wet Play Date.

Over the summer we headed to our favourite beauty spot Hubbard Hills. The boys love it there. They just love playing in the water and fishing for little bugs. They normally end up completely wet through but the smiles and giggles are always were the wet car seats.

Time With Abby.
While the boys were at their Dad’s house one weekend, Ben and I decided we should make the most of the sunny weather and take Abby out for some one on one time. It was such a beautiful day and I love looking back at the memories.

Britmums Live.
This was such an amazing weekend that whenever I think of it, it always brings a smile to my face. I’m lucky to have some amazing friends that I’ve met through blogging and I love heading to Britmums not only because hopefully I would learn something new but because it’s a great time to socialise.

A Weekend In Palma.
This has got to be one of the best weekends of the whole year! I think I can easily say I have the bestest friend in the whole wide world! When Debi asked me to go with her to gorgeous Palma I may have jumped up and down. A break was completely what I needed. We had such an amazing time. I honestly hope we’ll be able to go back one back.