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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Throwback Thursday Blog Linky #4

Firstly, I'm sorry if you came to this post earlier and there was only the linky showing. Blogger only published the draft post which means I'm re-writing the next bit!

It's #TBTL time again and I get so excited to read everyone's blogs! I just want to say a bit thank you to those who have been joining in, I'm surprised at how many people have been linking up in it's first few weeks!

The first post I wanted to share today was this post from my good friend Debs from Superbusymum. I'm now in love with the BoBo Buddy bags and I'm already looking at buying one for Abby for Christmas. I think the little bunny one is gorgeous and Debi always writes brilliantly detailed reviews!

Next up we have Kay from Mummysblog! Kay shares the gorgeous Baby Bear's first swim and it's a lovely read! I wish Abby loved the water when she was younger!

The rules are simple!
Find an old hidden gem that just didn't get the attention it deserved! It can be anything you like, recipes, fashion, your little one's update. Everything is welcome!
It just has to be over a month old!
Come and link it up here for everyone to have a read.
And lastly share the love, comment on a couple of other blog so that we can give them the attention they deserve!!

If you want to let them know how you found them you could use the #TBTL hashtag and I would love it if you could add the Throwback Thursday blog badge!
Throwback Thursday
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I'll be commenting on everyone's post that is linked up and will also share the posts over on Twitter. The following week I will share a few of my favourite reads from the previous week.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fun with Angel Delight

As a child I was very familiar with Angel Delight, so when I saw the opportunity to try some bubblegum favour I was probably more excited than a grown adult should be.

As a child we would have this weekly. Due to my sisters disability Angel Delight was one of few things she could eat happily without choking and so we ate it a lot! Especially on Sundays after our dinner my Mum would allow myself and my brother to make it all by ourselves, oh we felt so amazing "cooking" and then handing it out to everyone at the table. Angel Delight was part of my childhood!

So when the packs came through the door I excitingly got the boys on board to think of fun things we could make with them! We came up with three ways just that day but I already have other favours coming with our food delivery for them to try so who knows what else we might do.

With an afternoon to kill in the kitchen Morgan suggested we make cake, but not just any cake Bubblegum Angel Delight cake!

We didn't have any cases to make cupcakes so we decided to make a tray bake and they were yummy!

If you would like to make these you will need..

Half a packet of Bubblegum Angel delight
110g of butter
110g of sugar
2 eggs
110g of self raising flour
Pink food colouring

Step one, mix together the Angel Delight, butter and sugar.
Step two, slowly add in the eggs. We also added some pink food colouring to give them a brighter colour!
Step three, add the flour and place into either cake cases or tin.
Step four, bake for 10-15 minutes or until a knife comes out clean.
Step five, decorate with icing and TA-DA!

Easy peasy but super tasty!

While these were baking I made the left over Angel Delight mix up as a milk shake for the boys to share. I think you can tell from this picture that they enjoyed it.

We then decided to make trifle! We had jelly and cream in fridge already so we knew it would be perfect and if I'm honestly trifle is one of my biggest guilty pleasures.

For the trifle you will need...

A whole packet of Angel Delight
Strawberry Jelly
100g of icing sugar.

Step one, follow instructions to make the jelly and then place in little glasses to set.
Step two, Once the jelly is set, make up the Angel Delight following the instructions on the packet, and then place on top of the jelly.
Step three, whisk together the cream and icing sugar until thicken and place on top of the Angel Delight
Step four, add sprinkles and eat!

Lastly we made Lolly pops!

Abby has had a throat infection the last few days so to cheer her up we decided to make some think that would sooth her poorly throat. Abby also has a milk intolerance so I bought another packet of Angel Delight and made it up using her soya milk. Although the packets does contain milk Abby's intolerance wasn't affected so these were perfect!

Step one, make up the Angel Delight using either soya or cows milk.
Step two, place into molds and freeze over night.
Step three, enjoy!

Even though these were made from soya milk they were still really tasty and Abby has ate around 4 in the last two days! I think they've really helped with her throat infection!

There we have it, the boys and I have had so much fun playing and getting creative with our Angel Delight!

This post is an entry for #AngelDelightMoments Linky Challenge

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Buying for little blue

I recently found out that my oldest friend is having a baby boy and I couldn't be happier! The second I heard the news I headed off to one of my favourite baby website Petit Bateau. I discovered this website when I was having Abby and they have the most adorable items so I've been hooked ever since!

While browsing for a gift I came across their Blue Boat Collection and I'm in love! I love navy and white and the little sailor items they have are just so cute! So because I was so smitten with them I decided to share some of my favourite items with you.

Although I have a little girl I thought I would focus on the boy items as that was what I was shopping for!

The first item I wanted to share was this Baby boy Jumper. From the blue and white stripes to the little red anchor I'm in love! If only they did it in Ewan and Rhys size! I think this would make a perfect gift!

Next up I wanted to share this gorgeous baby vest. Again it has the same charm as the jumper and it would be perfect for any newborn baby boy!

 Lastly I wanted to share this lovely coat! It actually reminds me of the coats the twins came home from hospital in. I love navy and it looks snug and perfect for winter babies!

Now I just have the hard decisions of which to buy. 

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Review: Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper

Ewan and Rhys have just completed their first half term at school and I'm amazed at how well they have settled in and adjusted to the new routine they have. A week or so into term they came home with their first reading book, and I must admit it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Opening the pages to Biff, Chip and Kippers adventures took me right back to my own childhood. I thought it was lovely how they would be learning to read with the same stories I did.

Although they love their books and their homework there are days when the boys are just too tired or fed up of reading them and with the teacher recommending 5 minutes of reading a day. It certainly can be hard to persuade the boys to get their reading books out. This is were a brilliant App from Gazoob comes in.

Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper is a get interactive app filled with stories, mini games and interactive pages. It has been great for getting the boys to do their reading as they see it as a game rather than their homework. I've not had them turn down time playing on this app yet so I would say it's a huge hit!

The app has three different reading stages, from 1 to 3. This stages are perfect for Reception age children as they focus on the basis's and had minimal words on each page. Before "entering" the book there are options you can choose from, these ask whether you would like to read along or for it to read to you. The boys have spent a lot of time with it reading to them but because the word lights up blue when it is said the boys have started to read along. 

Obviously stage 3 is harder than stage 1 which is where Ewan and Rhys are but this has meant that Morgan has been playing on the app too. Stage 3 is a little below his level but he still enjoys reading the stories and playing the little activities.

Not all pages just have the story on either, some page like I mentioned above have more interaction on them. Like little games where you need to find all the items that begin with the letter D. Ewan and Rhys have loved this and after playing will even go around the house and point out the things that were in the app. There are also fun puzzles, like mazes to keep the kids entertained and are placed like little rewards for getting so far in a book.

The App is currently available as a free app on iTunes and it comes with two level 1 books, or you can get the whole range of 48 books for just £14.99! I believe it is also available on Google Play and The Windows Store however I don't use either of these.

I've shared a Youtube video of the App as it shows it off much better than my pictures do.

Overall I think this is a brilliant App and I can see my boys using it to help their reading. I think the pictures are fun and engaging and they have my boys giggling before they've even read what happened. I honestly don't have a bad thing to say about it as I also think the £14.99 price tag is very reasonable compared to actually buying the books which are about £4.99 each!

Family Fever

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Etsy Wishlist: Disney costumes for Abby!

I love Etsy and have been a member for years. Every so often I'll treat myself and buy something for myself for the kids but because most things are in America it does make items a little more expensive hence the every so often comment.

Even though I don't splash out I still browse daily and this has resulted in me having some rather large "Favorites" lists. One of the lists I want to share with you today is the costumes I'm in love with for Abby. With Halloween just under a week away it seems quite fitting!

At the grand old age of 18 months, Abby is already a huge Disney fan, which makes shopping for me so much more fun! Her current favourite films are Wreck it Ralph, Toy Story and Tangled. So my lists on Etsy are heavily influenced by these films.

This Minnie Mouse inspired dress is simply adorable. Although it isn't a match to the dress Minnie Mouse actually wears it is a lovely little girl dress with the iconic polka dots!

Just click on any of the pictures to be taken to their Etsy pages.

This dress is completely Abby, not only is Abby in love with the movie but she also loves her Jessie doll more than anything. This is certainly a dress I'll be buying in the near future and I think it's one Abby won't be wanting to take off!

One of my favourite Disney characters is Vanellope Von Schweetz. I mean who doesn't love a brat with dirty hair?! So when I saw this hoody I was in love! It would also be perfect for Abby as like I said she's a big fan of Wreck it Ralph!


Lastly I wanted to share this adorable Rapunzel dress! Tangled is the first film Abby really got into and she still loves it. It was thanks to the twins that Abby even saw it in the first place and now the twins are completely fed up of how much they've seen it!


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