A Weekend in Palma – Day One

Just a couple of weekends ago I was very lucky to be heading off on a little holiday with my best friend. We had a weekend in Palma! No children, No Fiance’s. Just a girls weekend! To say we were excited would be seriously understating it!

It was a very early start for me Friday morning. I had the alarm set for 2:30am so that I could leave the house for 3am. Ben was driving me to the airport and although I didn’t need to be at the airport till 5:30am we live a good two hours away hence why it was super early! It was my first time ever flying alone and I was terribly nervous.

Once I got to the airport my nerves dissolved a little and I was well on my way to being in holiday mode. I flew with Jet2 and I just have to mention how lovely the airplane pilot was. He kept popping onto the speaker to talk to us and made the flight much more like a sight-seeing tour always pointed out lovely places.

I finally landed in Palma and I just love that feeling of walking off the air-conditioned plane in to the warm air. Deb’s was due to land two hours later so I decided to have a wander around the airport while I waited. I honestly don’t think you can be bored in an airport! They are like little malls.

As it neared towards the time that Debi would land I headed over to arrivals again to wait. I was so excited to see the board light up with landed as I knew this was when the holiday really started.

I met up with Debs and we headed out into the sun  to grab a taxi. It was just twenty minutes till we got to our hotel and we spent the time watching the scenery and having a good catch  up.

We arrived at a very posh hotel and we headed inside. We were amazing at how stunning it was, then we realised we were actually over the road and were in fact in the wrong place. We headed over the road to their sister hotel Riu Bonanza Park and although it was lovely it sadly wasn’t as glam as the hotel we had just been in (Riu Palace Bonanza playa). So we pushed the slight disappointment aside until we were told that because we were there for the weekend they would actually upgrade us and they were sending us back across the road to the super fancy hotel! We even had someone carry our bags! Posh hey!

While the hotel prepared our keys etc, we were treated to drinks in the lobby. It was an absolutely stunning view of the pool and sea, but the room was equally beautiful. I personally loved the stain glass windows.
We headed down to our room and it was amazing! We had two large single beds next to each other. All rooms came with the essentials, hairdryer, little cute toiletries, flat screen TV, and high-speed internet. Every bloggers must haves!


palma6Photo Credit Superbusymum

After making ourselves feel at home, we headed out to explore. We first headed down to the pool and bar area. The bar and pool, all had a lovely relaxed feeling and Deb’s and I couldn’t wait to spend more time down there. We decided to head outside the hotel and have a browse around the local area. I bought some lovely little gifts for the kids and then we found a lovely little bar that we ended up having dinner at.

After we had over indulged with dinner and pudding we headed back to the hotel and we ended up chilling before having an early night. I was shocked to have made till 10pm after being awake since 2:30am!

Our first day in Palma was amazing however the second day, somehow managed to top the first! Make sure you pop back to check out what happened!


A little update on life in my bubble

Oh gosh its been  what feels like a very long time since I have sat here at my computer and blogged. Life has been quite eventful here, both good and bad things but we’re coming out the other side.

So I haven’t really  shared much about my new house. This will be our third month here now and I just love it. It’s an upgrade in every way, and we’re very happy here. I’ve started buying pretty little things to make the place feel like ours but it isn’t really needed because it’s surprising how quickly we’ve all settled in.

Sadly the main thing that has dominated life recently is that my Mum had a heart attack just last month. It was one of the scariest moments of my life and not something I ever want to witness again. My Mum hadn’t been well for a few weeks so I decided to call in on her before I picked Ben up from work. I walked into her bedroom to find her looking very sweaty and pale. Within 5 seconds of me walking through the door she was on the floor with blue lips. The ambulance only took 6 minutes to reach us but with me being there on my own, it felt like a lifetime.

We were taken straight to A&E and she actually lost consciousness at one point and I watched as all the medical professions just flew into action. I was removed from the room and I stood outside wondering if that would be the last time I ever saw her. It was awful seeing her like that and not being able to do anything to help.

The doctors and nurses were amazing and I was back inside with her after about 15 minutes. She was like a different person than when I left. She was responsive again and her body was agreeing with all the medicine.

She was in hospital for a week but she has surprised everyone with how quickly she’s bounced back. It’s been a long journey since, but a month later I’m seeing my happy, cheerful Mum back.

After having a rough few weeks, my best friend decided she wanted to take me on holiday to Palma with her! I was nervous to leave everyone but so excited to spend time with Debs. I’ll be sharing all about our holiday in a post of its own, there is just too much to share!
We got a new car!!! Sadly our lovely Chrysler was on its last legs and so we upgraded. We spend a whole day car shopping and we finally choose our new Picasso. I <3 it!

Anyway that’s about it, I’m sure there is so much more I could share but I just can’t think of it at the moment. So it can’t be that important.


First Day at Nursery

At this very moment, I have a very rare quietness in the whole of the house.  The boys are all at school and Abby is at nursery! She had her first day at nursery last Thursday and I’m amazed at how well she has settled in.

She’s currently only doing two mornings a week but I decided it was needed. She misses her brothers so much when they are at school and there is only so much I can entertain her. I’ve also been worrying that her speech is delayed and remembered how much nursery helped Morgan with a similar issue.

We’ve recently moved to a lovely little village which means the nursery the boys attended was just a little to far to drive. I got searching and found a lovely little nursery attracted to an academy that is the sister school of the one the boys attend. We headed and had a look after and it just seemed perfect. It isn’t massive and has just the right amount of children.

So on Thursday we headed off for her first settling in session. I was expecting to stay with her and help her settle however that was not needed at all! After 10 minutes of being there, the nursery workers told me to try leaving to see if she was happy to stay. So I said bye, which she actually ignored, so I repeated it, to which she just waved and semi shouted bye without even looking up! So I left, and there was no crying, no clinging to my legs and I couldn’t help but feel proud. She has always been an independent little girl and I love that she’s confident know Mummy will be back.

When I returned to take her home she was so happy to see me and held my hand trying to take me around to show me all the things she had loved doing. I told her it was home time which is when she got upset! She didn’t want to leave!

So that is that, she’s there again this morning and yet again we had no tears and she was happy to say bye! She’s so grown up, where have these years gone already!


Speed Up Your Mornings. M&S’s school uniform

Since the twins started primary school just last September, along with big brother Morgan, the mornings have become a vein popping experience. From ironing to missing shoes, no matter what time we are up in the morning we normally have something to stress over.

Marks & Spencer have done their bit to try and help us Mum’s and Dad’s first thing in the morning. No, no, they won’t be waking us up with a cup of coffee, they’ve added some neat little innovations to the children’s uniform that should help us along the way!

Okay, so let me start with Morgan…speed-up-your-morning-morgan

First we have some pure cotton slim fit polo shirts these come in a pack of two. Not only are they super smart looking these come with some of those handy little innovations I’ve already mentioned. They have a handy thing added to them called “Stain Away”, and well it does what it says on the tin. They have a clever finish that means that stains wash away more easily. How does that speed up your mornings, might you ask? Well I don’t know how many times the boys have gotten themselves dress for me to then discover a stain and we have to get the t-shirt changed!

Secondly we have the Senior Boys’ Flat Front Skinny Adjustable Waist Trousers. These have permanent pleats. Even after washing! No need to iron them in! They also have Triple Action Stormwear which is a Marks & Spencer’s technology that repels water and  oil. It means it keeps them drier in the rain too!

Along with the trousers and polo shirts I completed Morgan’s uniform with cotton rich blue jumpers. These have a little innovation called StayNEW, which helps stop them from bobbling and colour loss.

For Ewan and Rhys, they both got the same jumper with the stayNEW technology and the white polo shorts with the StainAway.
DSC_0194This was their serious pose!

I also got 2 double Packs of the Boys’ Flat Front Supercrease Trousers with Triple Action Stormwear. These like Morgan’s have the crease permanently fixed in place. I love this style as it always looks so smart but can be a complete pain trying to get the the crease ironed in yourself.

as you can see they were good little models….

Not only do the items all come with these great innovations they are all also a great price. I was able to get all the boys uniforms that they need come September, well minus the shoes but all the clothes came up to just under £100. For three children I think this is brilliant value. I think in September our mornings will hopefully have the little helping hand we need!

We were given this uniform to try for free to see if the innovations would speed up our morning. Though I was like to add that what is written here all comes from me has not been influenced at all.

Whats in my potty trainign bag

What’s in my Potty Training Bag?

Following on from my previous post on how we potty trained the boys, I thought it would be a good idea to share my essential items that every parent needs when heading out and about. To make life easier you simply need to be prepared! So below is a list of items that have made my life easier and all the items you will find in my potty training bag!
1, Several Pairs of pants!
We seem to go through quite a lot of pants, some times we just can’t get them down quick enough so a change is needed often!

2, Spare Trousers!
Accidents are going to happen, my favourite jeans for Abby at the moment are these  with the elasticated top. It makes them easy to pull up and down!

3, Spare Top.
Urine manages to get on everything and I just hate that smell, so I always take an extra top. A complete change of clothes are essential.

4, Portable Potty or Toilet seat.
We always keep a little potty in the car because you can’t always guarantee a toilet to be near. These toilet seats are great for public toilets as you don’t have to break up back holding the child so they don’t fall down!

5, Wet Wipes.
Even when the child are teens I think I’ll still be carrying wet wipes around. They are just handy for everything!

6, Hand Sanitizer
Simply because you won’t always be able to access a sink. I’m also slightly addicted to this stuff!

7, Reward Stars
It’s important to be consistent and to keep up the praise. They might even find it hard to do their business in a new place so this would be a great way to encourage them!

8, Spare shoes!
I found out the hard way when the boys were little. I had to carry both twins about a mile home because they had very wet shoes after they both had an accident! I’ve never forgotten an extra set since!

9, Socks.
We have a few pairs hiding in the bag, even if we don’t need them after an accident Abby normally finds the biggest puddle to jump in!

10, A Pretty Bag.
After all you have to carry it around everywhere so at least make it one you like! Also make sure it’s big enough to place everything in. Those toilet seats can be quite big!

So there we have it. My 10 essential items you need in your potty training bag. These little things will help make any adventure with a newly potty trained child easier!

Our Potty Training Method

With three children all potty trained under my belt, I’m about to attempt my fourth and last. All three boys were surprisingly easy and I was told boys were harder than girls. However no one had met Abby then, and she’s a strong-willed little lady. I don’t however think I’ll be changing what I did though seeing as it did work well with them. So I’m going to share my plan of action with Abby which is how I did it with the boys.

Before starting there are a few signs to look for.

Potty Training Readiness!

Staying Dry. You are looking for them being dry for at least a couple of hours at a time.

Awareness of Bodily Functions. This is normally them letting you know when are doing their business, however for all of my children this has been them hiding in a corner to fill their nappies. They suddenly became embarrassed of doing it around everyone.

Lastly, communication. This doesn’t have to be great but they need to be able to convey when they have to go. Morgan was never a big talker but potty trained when he was two. He’d shout “pee” whenever he needed to go. E and R were very big talkers when they learnt and it certainly helped the process.

Before starting!

Finding the perfect potty
I found these potty’s to be our favorite. They are comfy and when you are trying to get the child to sit on them for long periods of time it helps that they don’t hurt their bottoms.potty

This one is actually a Mama’s and Papa’s potty which is normally around £10  however I found one almost identical for £2 in my local Bargain Buys shop.

You want to introduce the potty months before hand. It need to be part of the furniture. For Morgan we bought one before he turned two and he would just sit on it to watch telly. Having it around all the time won’t make it a scary new item.

Build the excitement.
Once you have had the potty around for a while, buy some new books on potty training. There are so many out and about now that you are spoilt for choice. You don’t have to buy books on the subject you could just start by telling them how they will be a big girl/boy soon like Mummy and Daddy.

Reward System.
With the boys they all had a little star chart on the wall. Rhys struggled with doing “poopies” on the potty so we made pees worth one star and poopies worth five! When they are able to see their chart on the wall it really helps encourage them.
potty-training2 potty-training3These photo’s were taken when Ewan and Rhys were celebrating their first week of being nappy free! They got mini eggs as a reward, hence the chocolate around their mouths!

After you’ve done all the prep listed above its time to get started. With the boys I always found that after 3 days, new routines became the norm. Whenever planning to potty train I’ve always set aside a row of days where we are completely free.

This is where I’m probably different to most. I don’t go and spend a lot of money on pull ups, or big girl/boy pants. I’ve always found the best way to train the children has been by letting them be naked. I’ve found if you add in the pants and pull ups straight away the child doesn’t feel a difference.

REMEMBER accidents are going to happen so pick a room with hard flooring if you can. It makes the clean up easier.

Make sure the potty is in an obvious place so the child can find it. I have mine in the middle of the room next to the craft table. With the style of our potty it is great for pulling up to the little table.

I know a lot of people are against TV time however it’s going to be a long few days and you’ll be surprised how much TV can help, along with crafts it’ll help keep your toddler busy.

The first day is going to be the hardest. It will take a lot of patience and there will be plenty of accidents. The most important thing is not to get angry or frustrated. You don’t want them to be scared of doing it wrong. You need to watch them every second and as soon as they start to pee sit them onto the potty. Once they have finished let them look into the potty and very excitable clap them and say “yay”! Then go over and let them put a sticker on the chart. It sounds easy but it will feel like you have to place them on the potty a million of times.

Will probably start off like the first day but you have to stick with it. At some point they will surprise you and just do it all on their own! This is the point when you are so happy that you become one of those parents and post it all over Facebook, even though you promised yourself that you never ever post about the pee pee’s and poo poo’s!

This should be the day they hopefully continue doing it by themselves. Don’t get me wrong they are bound to still have problems over the next few weeks but by that third day if they are ready, they’ll understand what the big song and dance is all about. Try to keep them naked whenever they are home for the first couple of weeks. It will certainly help the progress.

The first trip out might be a little daunting so plan something you feel is manageable, for us I made sure our first trip out with the boys was to Nanny’s house. DO NOT confuse them by putting on nappies, I made this mistake with Morgan and it certainly delays their progress!

Whenever you head out just be prepared and take everything you think you might need!

GOOD LUCK, I’ll also let you know how Abby gets on over the next month! I just hope my method with the boys will work with her too!



Me and Mine – July

Daddy is loving…
Being away on a business trip when we had to move house! (Avoided all the work!)

Mummy is loving…
Buying items for our new house
My car, we’ve had it a year now and even after spending a fortune on it I still love it.

Morgan is loving…
Stopping at Nanny’s
Planning his new bedroom
Hanging out with his cousins.

Ewan is loving…
Taking Poppy for a walk
Having no school.
Hanging out with his cousins.

Rhys is loving…
Playing on Nanny’s trampoline.
Having no school.
Stopping at Nanny’s until the new house is ready.

Abby is loving…
Playing with Poppy.
Chasing Nanny’s kitty’s around.


Review – Kallo kids Rice Cakes

Being a Mummy of four little ones it can be quite hard juggling snacks that are something they want to eat but also isn’t terribly unhealthy. So when I was asked whether I would be interested in reviewing some Kallo Kids Rice Cakes I jumped at the chance as they sounded perfect.

The Kallo Way
Kallo believes that eating a sensibly doesn’t mean saying no to the things you love. Eating the right way is about loving all food and having a balanced diet.

That’s why they reinvented the rice cake using the finest natural ingredients.

I hadn’t heard of Kallo before but since discovering them I’m surprised how I hadn’t. They have a large range of rice and corn cakes, Stock and Gravies, breadsticks and even cereals.

What we thought
We had the Kallo Kids Rice Cakes to try which are topped with  milk chocolate. With only 69 calories per portion pack they are very low in calories but are very filling. I loved that they came in individual packages which are great if you need pack lunch fillers. The packaging is a beautiful purple colour which caught Abby’s attention straight away.kallorice

They were a big hit with my three youngest however Morgan who is by far the fussiest eater in the house didn’t like them. I honestly think he liked the taste but he’s a little weird with textures. So with 3 out of 4 children liking it, it is certainly classed as a good result!

We really liked the rice cakes, and we would certainly buy them again. Abby is the biggest fan of all and I tend to always keep some in her nappy bag as they are perfect for whenever we are out. I also love them and are great even on my slimming world diet. I’m excited to try other items from all their ranges.

4 classic interior design mistakes

If you’ve ever succumbed to an impulse buy, only to bring your new purchase home and be left wondering ‘what was I thinking?’, you’re not alone. To be successful at interior design, it takes a keen eye for colour, lighting, texture and size. For most of us, however, our decorating decisions can often result in a home decor faux pas. If you want to avoid falling into this trap, here are four classic interior design mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.

1. Poor lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of every home decor scheme, but it is often overlooked. When trying to create privacy, a common mistake is to block natural light with poorly placed, heavy curtains. This can make rooms feel smaller than they really are. Instead of keeping your windows covered up, try using sheer blinds or curtains that let light flood in while still giving you the privacy you need. Specialist suppliers Curtain World offer a variety of sheer window dressings that are designed to help you make the most of natural light and flatter your interiors.

2. Mis-matched decor schemes

If you enter a room and your eyes are drawn all over the place, you’ve made a wrong turn. Failing to pick a cohesive design scheme is another common decorating blunder that can be visually disorientating. Of course, there’s no need to be matchy-matchy, but by assembling pieces that compliment each other, you can help to make a room feel more together. Here’s a tip: pick your furnishings first, then paint your walls. This way, you’ll have more freedom in what styles you choose for your curtains, rugs, cushions and other furnishings, which will then help to inform your colour pallette.

3. Lack of personality

By buying everything at one time from the same place, you’ll end up with a home that has zero personality. To avoid the show-room look, forget matching furniture sets and the latest magazine trends and add character and charm gradually over time with a few unique pieces. Don’t be afraid to really make the space yours by displaying your favourite knick-knacks to create a sanctuary that you’ll love for years to come. Be careful not to go overboard though – you don’t want your home to start resembling a jumble sale.

4. Problems with scale

Scale can cause problems with interior design too. Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of furnishing your home, but if you don’t measure up before you buy, you’re going to end up with a space that looks disjointed. Too many large, bulky items can make your rooms appear cramped, while too many small items can make spaces seem cluttered. Instead, aim for a mixture of different shapes, heights and sizes, and most importantly, make sure you measure the space that needs furnishing.

*This is a Guest Post


Review: Foreo ISSA Mini Toothbrush

First let me start off by saying that the Foreo ISSA Mini is no ordinary tooth brush. To be honest it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Or a tooth brush the Jetsons would use! It looks exciting and in it’s vibrant colour it’s the perfect kid-friendly toothbrush.

All about the Foreo ISSA Mini

Before I get onto what I think first let me share a little about this toothbrush.foreo-ISSA-mini

The Foreo ISSA Mini is aimed at children aged 5 years old and upwards. It has a child-friendly design and comes in four exciting colours. It’s a prefect fit for little hands making the ISSA Mini easy to use. It also has parental controls which means parents can monitor their children’s brushing and double check the children are brushing their teeth for the recommended amount of time!

The Foreo ISSA Mini has a cute little display which helps show the children whether they have brushed for long enough. If they stop brushing before two minutes a “Glum” frowny face with show and if they brush for the full two minutes they are rewarded with a “glee” happy face!

The tooth brush is also ultra-hygienic because it is made from nonporous silicone which prevents buildup of bacteria.

It also has a super long charge and can last for up to 200 uses per full charge. The brush head can last for upto a whole year meaning you don’t have to remember to change the head as often as you do with standard electric tooth brushes.

What We Think of the Foreo ISSA Mini.

I’ll be completely honest, before the tooth brush arrived I thought it was terribly expensive. At £89 and with four children I couldn’t imagine spending nearly £400 on tooth brushes for them. I still can’t now and I love it! That is the only downside I have with it.

The colour of our tooth brush was Wild Strawberry and with three boys in the house I thought they would stay well clear, but it’s fun and exciting feel pulled them in even with it being “girly”.

I was expecting the bristles to be tougher than they are. I think they look hard especially in pictures however they are really, really soft and when I first got it out of the packaging I spent most of the time just stroking them!

It has a soft vibration which the children loved, they had tried my electric tooth brush before however the vibration was too much for them and they didn’t like it this however was “more of a tickle” as Morgan put it.

I did like the little smiley and frowny face to let them know whether they had brushed long enough. They did keep checking every couple of seconds to see if it had changed though.

Overall I think it’s a great product and I love it, I just couldn’t justify the price while I’m a study and we only have one wage coming into the household!

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