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Friday, 12 December 2014

Our Christmas Bucket List!

Just over two weeks till Christmas and I really can't wait. For us Christmas will start at 3:30 on the 18th. If you hadn't figured it out that's the moment the boys break up from school. Ben will since be at work Friday but then we all have two weeks together!

Not only do I love Christmas because it's the most wonderful time of the year but we also get the most family time. Ben and I have been talking and thinking of things to do with the kids and although we'd love to head out and do loads we just don't have the spare cash. So we put our thinking caps on and came up with ideas that we can do that won't cost that much money. So below is our Christmas Bucket list!

Making Gingerbread men is definitely one of our Christmas traditions. There hasn't been a year that I haven't made them with the boys. This year will be the first year Abby can try to help out so it'll be a lovely family activity!

For me no Christmas is complete without watching Love Actually however it isn't something the kids will be into so we've been recording loads of Christmas movies to watch together. I'll be introducing them to Home Alone for the first time. Lets hope it doesn't scare them into thinking Mummy will forget about them!

Louth has some great streets where the competition has gotten very high to have to best Christmas lights. I love driving around with the kids to spot them however we just haven't done it this year.

Every year at a place called Donna Nook the seals come onto the beach to have their pups. Although it is freezing on the sea front that time of year, it is so beautiful to visit. The boys have always loved it, and all you here the whole time we're there is "Ahhhhh"!

What would you have on your Christmas Bucket List?

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Throwback Thursday Blog Linky

Sadly due to everyone being ill I've decided that Throwback Thursday Linky will be taking a break until the New Year. I was planning on having a blogging break over the Christmas period however due to the kiddies being ill I thought it was best to lighten my work load earlier than planned.

I will still be blogging every other day up until a few days before Christmas so I'll still be around! 

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Buying The Right Pushchair

Although Abby is now 19 months and wants to walk everywhere, I've actually been on the hunt for a new pushchair. After twins and singleton pregnancy's I feel I have a little wisdom when it come to picking the right pushchair so I thought I would share with you what I've learnt!

Firstly ask yourself how long you want this pushchair to last. You can get ones that will see you right through until your little one is walking. Or you can get ones that will be great for little newborns and then get a little stroller for when they are older but before you go shopping this is the first thing to think about. Pushchairs can be expensive so personally I think something that will last a few years is the best way to go.

Getting something that will last a few years can be quite heavy and bunky which lends onto the next thing you must consider. Does it fit in your life? This means will it go in your car boot? Store in a cupboard in the house? Honestly the last thing you want is to have to squeeze around a pushchair sat in your hall way.

I've mentioned how expensive pushchairs can be so before shopping for one set a budge on what your willing and can afford to pay. Although they can seem expensive, the pushchairs with a higher price tag, also normally come with the longer warranty. So it can be worth paying that bit more.

My favourite brand at the moment is Bugaboo. Originally founded in the Netherlands, Bugaboo has fast become one of the most popular brands among Mum's. If you are looking to buy a pushchair then Bugaboo has four core models and you can find out which best suits you by visiting "Which Bugaboo are you?" I love them because they really do have a model to suit every stage.

When buying I also found looking at what wheels the pushchair has can be quite important. If you are in the country and you want to be walking out in mud and fields then bigger wheels are much easier to get around with. However if your in the city and smaller wheels would be perfect. 

Lastly, this might sound not as important as the others but make sure you like the look of it! When you become a Mummy it does feel like you lose a lot of your individual style and buying pram you like can be another way of expressing yourself! 

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Review: Childs Farm Toiletries

We were recently very kindly sent Childs Farm toiletries to review. Childs Farm products are natural products made for children with sensitive skin and eczema. So I was really excited to try them on the children and also myself as I've always struggled with allergies to shampoo and soaps.

We first used the bubble bath and it smelt lovely. It filled the room with the lovely smell of oranges, it also got the big thumbs up from the boys with how many bubbles it made! They were very impressed.

We then washed their hair with the shampoo and again it smelt all fresh and of oranges. It even went on Abby's face and she didn't mind it at all so it would appear to be as mild as they say it is.

Not only does it smell great but the packaging lovely and bright too. They're all decorated with bright colours and lovely farm imagery with ponies, dogs, pigs, ducks and children. It looks like a fun range but still has all the serious stuff us parents are looking for.

Ewan has eczema and certain products can really effect it. However it's great to see that when he gets out of the bath that it's all calm looking and not the nasty red it can sometimes look after bath time. It's a big thumbs up for that and we'll definitely be sticking with Childs Farm for our toiletries.

Along with the bath products we also got some lovely lotions. I've been using them on Abby after her baths rather than the Johnsons cream we would normally and I love the way it feels. It also leaves my hands soft so it feels like I'm being pampered at the same time!

It's great to see a shampoo bottle that says it's over 98% natural and with no parabens or artificial colours.

I think Rhys' cheesy grin shows how happy they were with it!

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Throwback Thursday Blog Linky #08

It's Thursday again and I hope you are all having a good week! This week has been a stressful one for me and I'm thankful it's Friday tomorrow!

First I want to say thank you to all those who linked up last week! The posts I'm showcasing this week are DillyDrops, MammaScribbles and AliceMegan! I normally share just two posts however last week #TBTL only had 3 link ups so it would be mean to leave one out!

Bex from DillyDrops shared the lovely activities her and her little ones got to up after reading the lovely book Pete the Cat!

Mammascribbles shared the amazing master piece her partner made in their little ones bedroom! I wish I had half the talent as my kiddies would love a room like this!

AliceMegan shared the great review on A-Derma exomega emolient cream. It looked lovely and really luxurious!

Now for the boring bit.....
The rules are simple!
Find an old hidden gem that just didn't get the attention it deserved! It can be anything you like, recipes, fashion, your little one's update. Everything is welcome!
It just has to be over a month old!
Come and link it up here for everyone to have a read.
And lastly share the love, comment on a couple of other blog so that we can give them the attention they deserve!!

If you want to let them know how you found them you could use the #TBTL hashtag and I would love it if you could add the Throwback Thursday blog badge too!

Throwback Thursday
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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas gifts for the special geek in your life

I made one of these gift guides all the way back in February for Valentine's day (Gifts for the special geek in your life) I found a lot of people liked it so I thought another for Christmas would be a good idea. So here's what I've put together!

1, This adorable unisex Poro top is so cute. If you or your partner are a League of Legends player this would make a great gift. Poro Rocket T-shirt from Redbubble £15.36

2, Although Breaking Bad finished quite a while ago Ben and I are still massive fans. We can't wait for the spin off "Better Call Saul" to be released in the new year! Breaking Bad Beaker Mugs from ThinkGeek $11.99

3, This would actually be a gift for my son Morgan but I thought I would include it because he's still one of my special geeks. This creeper backpack is one of the better minecraft themed backpacks I've come across!  Minecraft Creeper Backpack from ThinkGeek $34.99

4, Christmas wouldn't be complete without gifting a mug and this Transformers Mug would be perfect for any fan! It's also a great price at just £7.99! Transformers Mug from Find Me A Gift

5, I love this photo frame and it would go perfectly by the side of Ben's bed. With it's comic book design it's a great way to display photos without them all being in "girly frames" (Ben's words). Comic Book Photo Frame from iWOOT £6.99

6, This is another gift that would be great for League of Legends players. I love this gift because if Ben and I are playing, I play Support and he plays ADCarry. I think it has a lovely extra meaning of us being there for each other and I've had my eye on these for a while. Support & Carry rings from Etsy £9.83

Super Busy Mum
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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Review: Braun ThermoScan

Having a child that's ill is one of the worst things to have to go through, I'd always prefer it to be me. Guessing whether they're too hot or cold can be a real headache so when I was asked if I would like to review a Braun ThermoScan I thought it was a great idea. Abby has not long got over chicken pox and she had been so ill. The thermometer that I did have was just one that you pressed against their forehead and it told you how hot or cold they were so with chicken pox it wasn't the nicest way to check.

In got the thermometer out of the box and it was ready to go in seconds. There were no annoying timely set up which will be very convenient if one of the kids are ill. Not only is it quick and easy to get going it also comes with disposable len filters helping keep germs from spreading!

When it is turned on the thermometer flashes between the age adjustable modes. Children at different ages have different temperatures that are classed as fevers. I didn't actually know this! I had always thought over 39 degrees is a fever for all ages. However that really isn't the case. So selecting the age bracket you or your child is in will have give an even more actuate reading.

The colour coded display also helps you see if the child has a fever or not. Green for normal then yellow for the child being slightly hotter than normal then hot for a high fever.

It also has a handy memory button helping you to track the changes in the child's temperature. Although this is a great gadget thankfully none of the children have been ill to have to use this, but it's handy to know it's there is I do need it.

I think the Braun ThermoScan is great and will definitely be a great way to help put my mind at ease when the children are ill. I would highly recommend it to other parents and with flu season on the way, and at least I'll be prepared for whatever bugs try to get into this household!
Family Fever
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Monday, 1 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This past weekend although it wasn't even December we decided to get all Christmassy! I posted about the Christmas light switch on in Louth previously and I think this is what got us into the Christmas spirit.

Saturday we put our tree up. We normally do this on the 1st of December but with it being a Monday we wanted to do it all together as we like to make kept a special day out of it. I love real trees however with Abby being a curious toddler we're still holding off so we have a pretty white tree. If your going fake it might as well be super fake. I just love how it looks with all the pastel colours.

Morgan has always had the job of putting the star on top and he's done this every Christmas since he was born. It's the first year that Ewan and Rhys have moaned they wanted to do it but I gave them their own special jobs too.

Putting the tree up just isn't complete without Christmas song and we were all dancing around the living room singing at the top of our voice!

Once the tree was up we needed to head to the garden centre for some more Christmas lights for the boys bedroom tree. We loved browsing all the light and we ended up getting the boys a new tree for their room that was pre lit meaning we didn't need the lights afteral.

While shopping Ben and I noticed the Santa grotto and it was so quiet. In the past we've gone and had to queue for 30 to 45 minutes to see Santa so we thought we would be perfect to see him them. Morgan also thought it was a great idea because he'd have more time to get the presents they were going to ask for!

This year the waiting area was all done up like a lovely winter wonderland and even had snow machines.

We went in to see Santa and I have to admit be was one of the best I had seen. He really looked to part and was sounded just how you would imagine. Ewan and Rhys were a little shy at first but they really opened up to him and because it was quiet we stayed for 10 minutes just talking to Santa. Morgan told him all about how well school was going and Ewan and Rhys told him pretty much everything that was on their list. Santa tried talking to Abby a few times however she didn't want to be social and hid so far in Daddy's chest.

After seeing Santa we headed for something to eat and it was the perfect way to finish the day. It was certainly the best way for us all to get geared up and feeling Christmassy!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Minnie's Macaroons Pebble Fair Trade Flips Bear.

Being a Minnie's Macaroon AmBEARssador has been great and today I want to share a lovely little bear with you.

Minnies Macaroon AmBEARssador

Pebble Fair Trade Flips Bear is a gorgeous little bear perfect for any child and even suitable for newborns. The first thing I noticed with this Ted was how soft it was. Some knitted teddys can be quite rough however he really isn't at all. 

Although this was sent for Abby she isn't the only one who has fallen in love with him Ewan who's four also has a soft spot for him and can be found snuggling with him while watching telly.

(Excuse the grumpy looking face, I think he was tired!)

Pebble Fair Trade toys are all hand made from cotton and are machine washable which is great with hoe mucky kids can get. Pebble's range is all hand woven by an organisation that is set up Sri Lanka to offer fair pay and flexible work to women who were affected by the Tsunami.

At just £14 it's a really great price and it is something that would be perfect as a gift for little ones. To find out more about the bear and visit Minnie's Macaroon follow this link.

Personally I think this bear is perfect. It has a little charm about it and it's just a really cute bear. When Abby was ill with the chicken pox it was by far the biggest comfort to her and she would just sit cuddling him for hours!

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