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Friday, 19 September 2014

Love the little things

This is my first time joining up with Love the little things, sadly I hadn't stumbled across it before even though it's in it's 38th week! So anyway here's the things I've loved this past week!



Sadly I haven't had anything that exciting to read this week, I've been getting ready for my uni course to start up again so I've been reading a few pages of my course books. So far they have been terribly boring and I'm hoping once I get a bit further in, I'll start to enjoy it more!


Lately Ben and I have been mad on The Office (US) so far we've watched 6 series in about two/three weeks. It's so funny and I didn't think I would enjoy it because I didn't like the original UK series but it's great. I love the relationships between all the characters.


My new favourite t-shirt that I got for my birthday from Debs (SuperBusyMum). She sent a parcel off all my favourite things (Pictured below!) and this Big Bang Theory tee is awesome!


I don't normally get to hear much music other than Frozen's sound track but I did get a little bit of time to myself the other day and managed to have my playlist of full blast while doing the washing up. Strangely washing up isn't so bad when I can sing my head off without a child complaining I'm making too much noise!

And lastly

The best part of this past week.... Ben got a promotion at work! He's been working so hard and it's lovely that it's all paid off. He's now the Business Project Analyst or is it Project Business Manager? I can't remember but YAY. It doesn't take affect until the 1st of October so he's enjoying the last few days working his old position. I'm so proud of him though!

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Review: Nonabox August

A few weeks ago I was asked by Nonabox whether I would like to try their subscription. Although I haven't been a fan of subscription boxes in the past I did get rather excited as I had seen that a few blogger friends had raved about them.

What is Nonabox?

Nonabox accompanies you through your pregnancy and your baby´s first two years

Every month we send a box full of specially selected top-quality products, chosen for you and reflecting your stage of motherhood, from pregnancy through your baby’s first two years... The total value of the box is always superior to that of the subscription cost!
When I saw the delivery I was so excited! It really felt like Christmas! I also had two boxes to open! My boxes were to show what a newborn parent would receive and I don't think they would be disappointed!

So here is what I found and thought of my first Nonabox!

Eisberg Alcohol free wine. I think this is a lovely idea, when you first have your baby it's lovely to celebrate but if you're breast feeding you can't always join in with the toast. It tastes lovely and just like wine.

C de c Vest/baby grow (RRP £20) Although I'm definitely planning not to have any more babies... EVER! This little baby grow made me quiet broody! The fabric is so soft and would be the perfect thing next to the baby's skin. It's a lovely unisex design too meaning it's simply perfect for everyone.

Water Wipes (RRP £2.50) I love these wet wipes, I've seen them around before but never thought of trying them. They are so gentle on baby's skin and I've also been stealing them to remove the odd make up! I have terribly sensitive skin, and these don't irritate at all!

Panyno Baby shoes (RRP £25) These are just the cutest little things I have ever seen! I wish I had a pair when Abby's feet were that small! As well as stylish they feel remarkably soft and would be a lovely gift for a newborn!

Organic clear springs fruit pouch (RRP 89p) I didn't get to have a taste of this myself as Abby had ate it within seconds. I guess that means she approves!

Splash about turtle tots swim nappy 0-3 months (RRP £10) I didn't take Abby swimming before 3 months as I didn't feel like I had settle into my own routine at that point but if I did these would have been great! I can just imagine how cute baby's teeny tiny legs would look sticking out of these!

After my first Nonabox I'm not disappointed. I would happily gift this to a new mother and the items are amazing quality. The box is only £25 a month yet the items are worth far more.

I look forward to the next one!  

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I was sent this box for a fair and honest review. All words are my own unless quoted.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


A few days ago I received a pack of nappies from the postman. I was a little unsure where they had come from until I first the trusty Pampers logo. Pampers had sent out packs of nappies to some mums and dads as most parents don't seem to think about how dry their baby actually is. I know from experience the dryer the child is the better they sleep!

Although most mornings Abby wakes up with a full nappy because it doesn't leak I didn't think about how wet she may be feeling. So I was very interested to try out Pampers little experiment.

To try #BritainsDriestNappy experiment you will need..
1 pampers Active Fit nappy
150mls of tap water
1 measuring cup
tissue paper
1 pair of scissors.

Firstly you have to open the nappy up. Then pour the 150mls of tap water into the nappy.
Secondly set the timer for 1 minute 30 seconds, then after the time was up simply place a piece of tissue onto the nappy!

Amazingly the nappy was completely dry! In side the nappy there are little micro pearls that absorb the liquid forming a gel so that baby stays dry for up to 12 hours!

Personally we've always been Pamper lovers! Abby is always dryer for longer at night when she wears them and they are a great brand that I trust! Now knowing how she feels in them just makes them that much better!

This post is an entry for #BritainsDriestNappy trial sponsored by Pampers. Learn more at Pampers Facebook page!
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Friday, 12 September 2014

This past week...

Wow it's been quite a busy week here. I haven't done a little life update in a few weeks now so I thought I'd share what we've been upto. 

Today Ewan and Rhys will be completing their first whole week at school. Although we have tearful tired little men when they come home, they have adapted amazingly. I never felt like they settled at nursery, most mornings we got tears when I had to leave, yet with school it's like someone has waved a magic wand and they are all of a sudden big boys that don't cry when Mummy leaves!

Dropping them into school yesterday and I could see they already had work up on the walls! I love that they go to a little village school. They already seem to know everyone and seem quite popular with the amount of "hello's" they get in the morning.

My favourite bit has to be picking them up, they run out of school with the biggest hugs and smiles! I certainly miss those cheeky monsters while they are there!

Morgan has settled well back into the school routine too, He starts his guitar lessons again today and he was so excited! His guitar tutor is by far his favourite teacher. Poor Morgan has already had a rough week though. I think I mentioned how he broke a tooth of the trampoline? Well anyway he's got an infection from it now so he's on strong antibiotics and he has to have the tooth out on Monday! Thankfully it's just a baby tooth, but he's dreading it. He's never had any work done at the dentist so it's always been a nice visit but he knows he has to have a needle. I've reassured him the best I can, but until it's done he's going to be stressing about it.

Abby is also having trouble with her teeth at the moment. Her back teeth have come through already decayed! You see Abby's allergic to cow's milk and has been on soya milk since a couple of months old. I was told by the doctor that she would get all the vitamins her body needed including plenty of calcium however now the doctor thinks she may not have been! I've got her into our dentist to see what the best route is however my GP thinks it's likely they will just remove them under a general anaesthetic. Stress I really don't want to deal with. They don't seem to hurt her but bless her she shouldn't have to go through this at her age! For a 17 month old she loves brushing her teeth!

It was my birthday Wednesday and I gave myself the day off from the blog. My Mum had took the boys out Tuesday night so they could buy me my presents off them. I got so much off them! Loads of notebooks, stationary and nail varnishes!

I had a lovely day though and headed out shopping first thing to spend my birthday money. I got some nice tops and some little accessories but it was lovely just wondering the shops. Ben had the day booked off work so we spent the afternoon relaxing and getting ready for when the boys finished school. We had everyone coming over for dinner and cake and it was lovely having everyone round.

I was so spoilt on my birthday but I have to admit some of my favourite presents came from my best friend Debs! I had a lovely package full of my favourite things From jelly beans to a big bang theory t-shirt. I have to say though my favourite pressie from her is my little big Poro! Most won't understand what a poro even is but he's this little cute thing from League of Legends a game Deb's and I play most nights!

She's pretty awesome!

Well I always feel like I've forgotten something! I need to start jotting things down during the week! Anyway that gets us a little more up to date!


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Furniture shopping for fall

Sadly my landlord keep hinting that they would like to put the house up on the market soon, which means we'll have the dreaded move to do! I've already been keeping an eye on the rental market to see what is popping up at the moment, but I'm still yet to find the perfect one. I hate moving so I want to find a house that'll tick all the boxes. With Ben and I nearly driving I'm quite happy to look out of town. For me the highest priority is having a large dinning room! Our last house had a lovely large kitchen/diner and it was the room we spent most of the time in. The house we are in at the moment is teeny and the dinning area is a squeeze for all 6 of us.

With dreaming of my next home I've also been dreaming on what I would like it to look like. So I've created a wishlist  of my perfect dinning room!

I love red and cream all of my kitchenware is red and I love these plates. A nice splash of red!
I've always loved these country cream and oak furniture sets and this one from Next has the lovely country style legs.

3, Camden Dinning Set Dresser from COOKES FURNITURE
I love dressers and even tried to renovate one myself, sadly it's no where as pretty as this one!

4, Set of home mugs.
I love these home mug I think they would just be the perfect addition to my kitchen.

5, Camden Dining Set Sideboard
This would be prefect for hiding away the place mats and fancier tableware. It would complete the room perfectly!

6, Sienna Dining Chairs
I love the style of these chairs and I think this would go lovely with the rest of the collection. I think they feel warm and inviting!
I think there is something about red and cream that just screams cosy and warm and I think it is just perfect combination for autumn!
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